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"Death by violence, death by cold, death by starvation they are the normal endings of the stately creatures of the wilderness. The sentimentalists who prattle about the peaceful life of nature do not realize its utter mercilessness." Theodore Roosevelt in his safari diary. Go here for more of my favorite quotes.

Stories related to wildlife:

Handguns work better than pepper spray on predacious bears

No, the cute widdle bear would never do this

Mountain lion sneaks into house, grabs couple's dog

Father fights off black bear with bare hands as it mauls his son aged 8

State says killing of bear was justified

Village idiots allow black bears to roam where kids play, wait for school busses

Attacked jogger takes fox for run

Cougar mauls 16-year-old girl

Terror on the trail: Bear attacks teen bike racer

Allowing guns in parks doesn't seem to bother Alaskans

Erie, Colorado Boy Undergoing Rabies Treatment After Coyote Attack

Nutbar teacher doesn't want to hear about 'killing'(reality) in her classroom

Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio coyotes feasting on fluffy and fido

Woman Clings To Life After Chimp Attack

Charla Nash lost eyes, nose and jaw in chimpanzee attack

Outrage Builds in Anchorage After Bear Attacks


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