The continuous asking of absurd questions
Barry Bright
Feb. 5, 2007 

   Would U.S. soldiers fire on U.S. citizens? Of course they would.
   When I was in the Marine reserves in the 80s a reporter came to visit us at our drill unit. His obvious ignorance of firearms irritated me. I asked him in so many words why he hadn’t already taken the time to educate himself about weapons and explained my impatience with reporters who don’t know their jobs, since I was working as one myself and was a gun owner.
   At some point in that conversation or soon after another Marine asked, with a disgusted look on his face, why a civilian would have any use for an AR-15 type weapon.
   During our deployment to Saudi Arabia I tried to keep up with the news as best I could by having relatives send me mainstream newspapers from back home. When another Marine in my platoon saw me reading he asked me why I was doing that. I asked him, “Don’t you want to know why you’re over here?”
   “No, I don’t care,” was essentially his answer. He was a young man from rural Kentucky, who made his living in the outdoors as a commercial fisherman, not some citiot who had grown up in the ghetto or some suburban wasteland.
   Not all military people, like not all civilians, can be stereotyped. They represent a cross section of humanity. But my experiences in Uncle Sugar’s camping club and conversations I over heard and engaged in told me some people join up so they can see what it’s like to kill another human being, legally. They’re a small minority, but they’re there.
   Last fall at the machine gun shoot in Bullitt County, Kentucky I overheard a conversation between an Army sergeant, E-7 or above if memory serves, and a vendor. To paraphrase from memory, the sergeant shook his head and told the vendor, “I’m seeing all this stuff that they’ve been telling us it’s illegal to own.”
   “You shouldn’t believe a lot of the stuff they tell you,” was all I said to him and went my way. There were several soldiers from Fort Knox in attendance that day, or maybe they were Guardsmen, I honestly didn’t pay that much attention to their uniforms. They weren’t militiamen, many of whom are often in attendance at Knob Creek for the spring and fall shoots.
   My platoon commander from my days as a combat MP is now running as a Democrat for a Kentucky Senate Seat. I don’t honestly know his stand on gun ownership beyond this statement on his website: "
I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment." which of course proves nothing.
   The fact he’s running as a demoncrat shows he may well have little respect for Liberty, though there are exceptions to that rule. His 'issues' page provides little more than the common campaign quips. Certainly the republicrats have done much damage to our republic.
   These are all anecdotes and prove nothing, any more than casually observing human nature proves anything more than common sense may tell you.
   Most young people join the military for a way to have a start in life, an income, maybe a career. A small percentage of them, like a small percentage of the overall population, will put forth the effort to understand the world they live in, most will go along to get along.
   Blogs and comment sections on the internet show there has been a large waking up in recent years. Publications like ‘Soldier of Fortune’ have fairly consistent ‘pro gun’ stances. Many military personnel have a foundation of a love for Liberty that could be reinforced. But how many fully comprehend what may come?
   Maybe a small percentage will do what they should do when they are told to go door to door in that possible future after we’ve been told to ‘turn them in’ or ‘get on the trains,’ and immediately shoot the officer who issued the order. Most will not.
   Did any superior officers die in New Orleans? They should have.
   In Commiefornia and a few other locales, the black suited Nazis will come and kill you in your home if you look their way and say, “Molon labe.” They should be shot down in the streets. Will they be?
   Lincoln had no problem recruiting, enslaving in some cases, 300,000 men to die in the cause for Yankee domination and taxation of the Southern states. Our modern tyrants will have no problem recruiting killers from the cities who will have no qualms about going to the rural areas and putting down the rebellious rednecks.
   The murderers of the Branch Davidians still have not been brought to justice and will not be barring a patriot take over of the Federal Government.
   So let’s stop asking this absurd question of whether or not the Police State will have any problems recruiting killers and begin asking how we are going to deal with them.
   And someone needs to tell the NRA that should be their primary job.
   Those who have any problem understanding this column need to go and see their cowardly future. Then they need to ask the NRA why they don’t post all comments to that thread. They apparently are afraid of mine.

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