Barbarians, or the king can do no wrong
Barry Bright
May 5, 2009 

   Recently had a Brit call me a barbarian because I advocated the natural born right of all humans to kill in the interest of preserving their Liberty, lives and property.  

   Funny thing that. The Brits still bow down to an earthly queen, who rules over an empire with a history of tyranny that covers the globe, and islands closer to home. Can’t think of much that’s more barbaric than that.

   Our ancestors fought a bloody eight-year war to separate themselves from that empire. Now we find ourselves entangled in another, that is larger though more subtle, and potentially far more evil. Who can make war against the Beast?  

   Now don’t ask me to defend our modern empire from the charges of tyranny that it has helped spread. Yes it’s done some good, but that is eclipsed by all the fine print. The constitution we provided Iraq doesn’t provide a real Bill of Rights, one that matches ours. In fact it is opposite of ours:  

   “Every individual has the right to enjoy life, security and liberty. Deprivation or restriction of these rights is prohibited except in accordance with the law and based on a decision issued by a competent judicial authority.” 

   In other words, Iraqis have the ‘rights’ our puppet government says they do, when it says they do. 

   In addition one of the servants of our former temporary dictator openly called for the destruction of an Iraqi right all free thinking Americans hold dear.  

   Our liars brag about spreading the evil ‘democracy’ to the Iraqi sheeple, killing many of them in the process. Yes, it may be better than Saddam, but in a similar way that Hitler was better than Stalin. Choosing the lesser of two evils often results in gaining more evil than the voters bargained for or can handle.  

   Many things I read lately tell me we are near a crucible. All last year I encouraged people to let the Marxist mutt win the now ‘red’ house because he would wake more sheeple up, piss more people off, sell more guns and ammo than the Klintons, and if we’re lucky provide us the reason to start “Liberal” season.  

   So far I’ve been ¾’s right. Let’s see if our luck holds. Not that any sane person wants civil war. It is being forced on us. Even without any further ‘gun control’ our country, at least on the national level, is obviously beyond repair through the ‘political process.’  

   Those who rule us, or would rule us, are so arrogant now they barely bother with the charade of legality. In many respects they haven’t for years

   The grazers and the breeders who are easily manipulated into voting for the lesser of two evils, in both major political parties, graze on, their eyes and ears glued to the greatest weapon ever made by man.  

   Those who know better should already have long since moved on the District of Criminals and done what MUST BE DONE. The only thing that will fix this mess is many expensive suits hanging along Pennsylvania Ave.  

   But sigh, it will take, if we are lucky, some drastic stupid move on the part of our betters, to get enough self-proclaimed ‘patriots’ and ‘conservatives,’ however loosely defined, off their asses and from in front of their weaponvisions and computer screens.  

   If we are lucky. But don’t count on it. It will likely be up to that tiny minority to carry on a possibly generations long underground conflict after most of the sheeple have surrendered their weapons for a bag of rice and a bottle of water or a flu shot.  

   When this happens, those who know better should be prepared.  

   The military should, on the day registration, national licensing, or confiscation begins, move to arrest the Congress creatures who voted for such evil, the Marxist mutt and his administration, and other appropriate parties, and begin the treason trials.  

   Am I expecting this to happen? Of course not. It will be up to the enlisted class and maybe a few patriot officers who haven’t yet been weeded out to say “NO, HELL NO SIR,” to their evil superiors who serve the NWO and arrest or kill them if need be and then do WHAT MUST BE DONE. 

   But likely there will be a ‘civil war’ in the military first. There must be. Or they will be like the Nazi guards at Nuremberg, who were ‘just following orders.’  

   Many still think the powers might bring in foreign troops to enforce their evil edicts. This would be too much to hope for as then even Bubba might pull his head out of his NASCAR races or whatever long enough to understand what is happening and use his deer rifle to target practice on a few blue helmets.  

   We won’t be that lucky. They’ll just draft from among the millions of braindead citiots who elected the Marxist mutt and then claim the ‘right wing terrorists’ are out to kill Americans. 

   We won’t be killing Americans, but Amerikans. Those with a little history behind them will understand the difference.

   Bring on the barbarians…



It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


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