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British insanity - They deserve what they're doing to themselves, since they essentially outlawed gun ownership in 1997:

Video of what the stupid cowardly Brits did... they stupidly turned in their guns when they should have started killing their "Liberals."

U.K. School Kids Strap on Stab-Proof Vests as Knife Crime Soars

Mugging has become a rite of passage for young people

Brits to ban imitation Samurai swords

'Big Brother' scolds scofflaws in Britain

Blair blames spate of murders on black culture

Children could be monitored for signs of criminal behavior

Detectives hunt two youths in hoodies after 15-year-old becomes latest knife crime victim

Brit arrested for showing a "fascination with violence"

Friends' homage to 'fallen soldier' schoolboy killed by chanting mob

Girls chant ‘kill him’ as gang chases schoolboy then stabs him to death

Brits consider 'citizenship classes'

Irish judge forced to apologize for saying he'd defend his own home

Brit govt. wants to know if babies aren't playing with their toes

Outlawing guns didn't end crime, now Brit govt. is targeting knives

Govt. - Carrying a replica gun in public can cause 'fear and alarm'

Now Brit cameras can scold evil doers

Police called in over joke about squirrels

Police send four police officers to tackle boy, 11, who called schoolmate 'gay'

Revelers Committed "House Rape," Says Mother

Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils

Northern Ireland's teachers need classes in self-defense, says union

Brit teenagers fear streets of violence

Brits waste their time on politically correct crap while their society rots

Violent girls making the headlines

Brits actually had discussion on whether to use 'force' on unruly children

"Every home we ever had in Britain... has been burgled"

Web site that deals with the bullying of Brit teachers

Brit teachers had to fight to get violent students expelled(Did they succeed?)

Brit govt. now has 266 excuses for breaking into private homes

46% rise in the use of firearms in residential robberies

Scotland: A Model for the Rest of Us - NOT!!!!

Britain becoming a Big Brother society, says data watchdog


Brit family faces eviction over razor wire installed as last effort to thwart vandals


Some Brits willing to defend their homes despite laws against it


Brit Nazis now want to put microphones on English streets to eavesdrop on citizens

The British way of murder

Brit killer only gets 25 years
(And American who seduces, kills 13-year-old only gets 25 years)


Aussie "Liberals" freak out because crime victims fought back

Brit cop says Britain very violent(Look at all the guns confiscated since they were 'outlawed')

Two thirds of London teens know someone who’s been a victim of violent crime

Armed raiders rob social club(Didn't they know their guns are illegal?)

Target driven policing leads to ludicrous arrests

Armed police raid home after mistaking Lara Croft dummy for gunman

Toddler fined £89 for dropping two crisps

Police get new powers to evict anti-social residents from their own homes


Welcome to your job inquisition - are you a secret racist?


Brit police charge man with owning Al Qaeda manual


Brits can't even have a cattle prod or spray for self defense in their own homes(That country has become so evil. And "Liberal" freaks here in Amerika would like to do the same. They must get the message that when they try to force this kind of evil down our throats they will be hunted.)


Britain's 'new politics of behavior'


So-called 'tougher gun laws' not being enforced(typical police state, with more laws than they can keep track of, and more criminals)

Dunblane gun law has been failure, says marksman

Are the Brits beginning to get a clue? Now children encouraged to learn shooting


British "Liberal" scum don't lie about their real goal - it's on their front page


Brit cops to use spy drone for for tackling anti-social behavior and public disorder


Gun dealer busted with 900 weapons that somehow didn't get turned in

Blair Calls For Chinese Style Net Controls In the UK

Brit complains because he got the "Liberal" evil he voted for

Brit "Liberal" parents breeding a 'generation of little horrors'

UK gun and knife murders out of control

Government figures 'missing' two million violent crimes

Criminal nation: Two-thirds break law regularly

Doesn't anyone care about knife crime?


Brits can get 10 years for possessing or using pepper spray


Life in prison possible for pushing burglar out window


Brit "Liberal" freak tries to link 'stand your ground laws' to Dubya


Knife crime doubles in two years(And one Brit idiot wants to limit their sheeple to butter knives. See the comments)


Weapons sell for just £50 as suspects and victims grow ever younger


Policewomen with small chests to wear yellow trousers(No this isn't about our most basic right but it is about their insanity. I can hear "Liberal" freak brains over here thinking: "That's not a bad idea. How do we make it law?"


Scots have learned nothing, now want to ban airguns


Don't dare hold a 'heavy duty handgun' for self-defense(your most basic right) in Ireland


Brit Govt. to track every child in every way from womb to tomb


North Wales airgun dealers must register with Britain's police state


One Brit's answer to his police state - build your own guns


Black Brit gun crime victims refuse police 'help'(It's a police state, of course you don't trust the cops)

Serious gun crime is concentrated in particular parts of England and Wales

Brit beaten to death for no reason

Brit with 600 stitches fights for justice

Brits do have a few real men(So why aren't they killing the "Liberals" who disarmed them?)

Disabled Brits seized at gunpoint for looking at cops

UK 2017: under surveillance(Brits getting what they deserve for not killing the "Liberals" who told them to turn in their weapons.)

7 years in prison for insulting homos

Boy in court on terror charges for owning book

Police hunt armed raiders

Been shot at? Walk your dog in another park, police tell vicar's wife(Once again, "Liberal" govt. and policies save the day)

Brit propaganda about our evil 'gun culture'

Six officers storm house of boy who wrote his name in chocolate on a youth centre wall

Brit Paramedics refused to run to boy of 11 dying on a beach, citing 'policy'

EU rule: Ambulance crews take break while man dies

African cane tames unruly British pupils

Police retain DNA of 'petty crime suspects'

Arrested after tackling intruder

Law to protect 'have-a-go heroes'


Brit cops tell 80-year-old crime victim they're on 'more important calls'


Confiscation follows licensing and registration in not-so-great (evil)Britain


American grey squirrels taking over because Britain is full of nuts


Brits say Amerikan police state stifles tourism

Stupid Brits can't understand why young criminals carry weapons

Police brand four out of ten crimes 'unsolvable' just hours after they are reported

Big Brother’s watching loo

Masked gun gang 'patrols streets'

Britain's Lessons in Cultural Suicide

Gun victims treble in disarmed not-so-great Britain

Brit drivers who use mobile phones face jail

Town Halls ordered to send out personal surveys to households

Brit cops to 'clamp down' on gun crime(black on black), again

Rules say homes must be safe for robbers

Brit idiots again to 'get tough' on knife crime

War hero's daughter facing arrest for tackling yobs who 'trashed war memorial'

Brit schools told to make pupils more 'gender balanced'

Sex lessons must start at age five


Britain rated worst in Europe for protecting privacy


Muslim call to prayer to be heard over Oxford?


Brits fighting back against surveillance state


Brit propaganda about DC 2nd Amendment case(It's about fighting government tyranny, like we did in the late 1700s!)

Boys' learning 'helped by toy guns'(Are they starting to get a clue over there?)

Boys and their toys(Or, are 'feminists' keeping toy guns out of Brit schools. Read this one for the comments. Some of the Brits still have some common sense. Too bad their men don't have any courage, or balls.)

NHS patients told to treat themselves

'Patients to lose weight before NHS treatment'

Sex education failing to halt teen pregnancy

U.S. and Britain: “Endemic Surveillance Societies”

A guy with an Uzi? In merry old England?

The Horror of 21st Century Britain

Lionheart blogger: British police have been charged with arresting me!

Bishop warns of no-go zones for non-Muslims

Islamic extremism creating 'no-go' areas for non-Muslims in Britain, says Bishop of Rochester

Brit commies' latest excuse for control: the 'obesity epidemic'

Deactivated guns to be banned by end of 2008

Gun crime increased four fold over past decade(Check out the name of the Nazi team used to confiscate weapons)

The last testament of Flashman's creator: How Britain has destroyed itself(and the author says we're worse. My comments here)

Scottish govt. caught up in endless gun law 'reform,' while crime rate rises

Brit finally clears his name after arrest for 'homo-phobic' remarks

Up to one million Africans waiting to illegally immigrate to England

Stolen military arms sold to Brit criminals

Brit Nazis now registering plastic swords and toy guns

'Law abiding' Brit without gun, has to fight for his family's lives against robbers with guns

Brit farmer tries to hide his castle in a 'green belt,' may be forced to tear it down

Brits who don't take care of themselves don't deserve socialized med says docs

Brit newswhore gets lesson in how dangerous her propaganda has made their streets

Canadian criminals didn't register their guns but the commies pretend they'll turn them in

Brit schools forbid words 'mum' and 'dad' to protect homos

Brits turn to McDonalds to indoctrinate their young

Canadian public safety minister rejects handgun ban

Multiple wives will mean multiple benefits

Brit cops look other way concerning raghead 'honor killings'

One in four Brits think Churchill is a mythical character

Female raghead medics refuse to wash their forearms

Two Church of England Bishops say 'Give up carbon for lent'

Self defense is 'unacceptable professional conduct' for jailed Brit teacher

State handouts now a 'way of life for six million' Brits

Reality of Brit schools now worse than TV fiction can portray

Archbishop of Canterbury seeks adoption of Islamic law

Brit army runs out of machine guns

Minister: Muslim 'inbreeding' in Britain is causing massive surge in birth defects

'£10 licence to smoke' proposed

Sharia bonds may help fill public purse

Brit nutbars say bottled water is 'immoral'

Brit Nazis want to sterilize their teenage girls

Brit sheeple to tolerate portable metal detectors for 'knife crime'

Teens charged with manslaughter for beating man to death for fun

The definition of 'happy-slapping'

Stupid Brit found out he's 'vulnerable' and his attackers not prosecuted

"Don't get involved if you see trouble," says London(England) mayor as they make another leap toward "Liberal" hell on Earth where no one should fight back against criminals(govt. or common) but let them have their way with their victims

Old soldier killed after asking thugs not to swear in front of a lady

Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat

Knife crime to replace terror as police priority

Students forced to pray to Allah

The logic of knife control

Pathetic columnist cringes when watching Indiana Jones with her sons

Brit nutbars now targeting 'racist' 3-year-olds

Police sniffer dogs to wear bootees so as not to offend Muslims

Yobs threw rocks at his house for years. But the father who fought back is arrested

'Jail Anyone Who Carries A Knife'

Brit Nazis to establish a 'Violence Reduction Unit' to fight 'gun and knife crime'

Canadian Nazis will seize your 'undeclared' guns at their border checkpoints

Socialist demagogues chow down at G8 summit

Don't jail burglars judges are urged: It's a 'less serious' offence, say law chief's advisers

Pistol ban is relaxed for 2012 Olympics

Teacher suspended for 'punishing children who did not pray to Allah'

Under Suspicion at the Age of Three: The Banality of Liberal

Pictured: Smiling preacher of hate Abu Qatada enjoying an £800,000 home and a life of benefits

£70,000 'Wasted' on telling pupils Elvis was a Gypsy

Plans to clear undergrowth from gay sex spot branded discriminatory

Daughter of WWII pilot convicted of assault after reprimanding teenager who 'vandalised war memorial'

Action pledged on knife crime after five killed in a day


Evil knives claim 60 victims a day


Pubs to be forced to search customers for knives


Brits beginning to see their society is broken?


But yet another 'crime plan' to be unveiled

Council scraps speed cameras - because they are 'a blatant tax on the motorist'

UK's strongest beer ever has campaigners all in a froth

Convicts hug a tree to go free

Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims'

Brit govt. to allow people to defend themselves?

All state pupils may be taught Islamic traditions as part of compulsory citizenship lessons

Now there are 1,000 laws that will let the state into Brits' homes

Grandmother arrested on race charges after telling rowdy Asian students to 'go home'

Painter fined for smoking in his own van because it's deemed a 'workplace'

Britain's socialist('universal health care) hospitals 'infested with vermin'

A 'shot across the bow' in Britain as candidate wins on 'civil liberties' platform?

350 police officers taken off the beat for sex-swap awareness classes because one is changing gender

Scottish nutbars: Handle a gun, lose your job

Former police inspector arrested after confronting gang who threatened to kill him

Aussie Nazis proud of rescuing their sheeple from toy guns

New Yawk just as bad as England - former Marines beaten by mob in 'the hood'

Child labor laws trump common sense in the land of the no-longer free

Man fined for carrying gobstopper

Grey Britain has more pensioners than children

"Illegal" weapons easier to get in the UK than in Amerika?

'Free' trash bags thin enough to enhance local govt. revenue

Hitler loving eugenicist honored on Brit stamps

While in Amerika, no one noticed duck stamps had phone sex hotline no.

Brit "Liberal" nutbars whine that movie posters 'glamorize' guns

Labour passed a new law for almost every day they've been in power

Anti-terrorism laws used to spy on noisy children

Commiefornia not far behind the Brits

Brit group says it's time to teach kids to play the old-fashioned way(they might get hurt)

YouTube: Radical Islam over runs London streets

YouTube: Brit video shows the police state they live in

Brit Jury lets ecocommies destroy property in the name of GW

Post gun ban smugglers arrested

Revealed: UK’s first official sharia courts

British girls as young as 14 are being trafficked for sex within the UK(And guess who's doing it)

The End Of England?

Nine-year-old Midlands girl rescued from forced marriage

Young people 'think immigrants are a threat to national identity and jobs'

Children to get lessons in playing

Single mother faces £700 legal bill... for putting her bin bags out on the wrong day

Council threatens families with a £1,000 fine... for parking on their own driveways

Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

Police confiscate walking stick from retired teacher, 78, because it is an 'offensive weapon'

Brits urged to leave sheds open for thieves!

Internet black boxes to record every email and website visit

Gang attacked top police officer

Yobs have overturned your car? Call the AA say police

Pensioner killed by his own car after thief repeatedly drove over him as he blocked path

Brits say they live in a police state

Teenager banned from wearing Christian chastity ring at school

Brits beginning to PC their dictionaries

Blame Whites for Islamist Terrorism, Says MI5 Report

In Brit police state newspaper cuttings on the wall get arrest for 'racial aggravation'

Brit columnist says it's time they all carried guns

Stupid Brit bobbie couldn't tell revolver was loaded

Stupid Brit 'petrified' by laser tag gun meant for cops(this level of ignorance is why they're losing their country, and we're not far behind)

No surprise here: Brit "Liberals" lying about knife crime to justify crackdown

Aussie gun owners getting 'cozy' with govt. while gun laws relaxed(according to their newswhores' propaganda)

Aussies in NSW struggling to get their gun rights back(They should have started killing their "Liberals" when told to surrender the guns they lost)

Aussie Nazi govt. moves to ban ugly guns they already banned(another western country paying the price for not opening "Liberal" season when they should have)

Bailiffs get power to use force on Brit sheeple to collect basic debts(Now the Brits might figure out why they were told to turn in their guns and why they should have started killing their "Liberals" that day)

Brit Nazi to ask the Marxist mutt for help in killing the net(Which would result in "Liberal" season)

Another Brit killed by their socialized medical system

Five fatal stabbings every week despite Labour’s knife-crime ‘crackdown’

Don’t use the S-word. This is a place of learning, not a school

Brit "Liberal" garbage whine because deactivated and replica guns sold online

Brit nutbar moms say fairly tales too scary for their sheeplets

Vicar takes down crucifixion sculpture 'because it's a scary depiction of suffering'

Woman repeatedly slashed after confronting gang 'as young as 13' who stabbed her dog to death

Commie Brits just can't get enough 'equality' to suit them

Even a prince is not safe from the PC police who've never been in the military

Food Nazis to visit Brit homes to lecture them on waste and diet(This is what happens when you don't kill your "Liberals" while you're still armed. All the food Nazis should end up hanging from lightpoles and tree limbs. If you don't understand that you need to move to Britain before we begin killing you.)

Now even police can't object to gipsy camp in picturesque village...because it's racist 

British Police set to step up hacking of home PCs

Brit grandma says "...playing with toy guns saved my life"

City council tells couple they are too fat to adopt(This example of British manhood is probably part of why they've lost their Liberty, or what passed for Liberty over there. But then we have plenty over here who are worse. Go figure.)

Fat dogs seized by RSPCA

Beware: The daft egg-box warning that contents 'may contain eggs'(OK this may not be solely attributable to "Liberals" alone. "Liberal" shysters and black-robed shysters who tolerate frivolous lawsuits are likely to blame.)

And here in Amerika, the land of the prostituted and the cowardly, even our most privy activities are now subject to regulation: Amish man has 30 days to fix sewer system

Spy center will track Brits on holiday

Christian foster mother struck off list after Muslim girl converts

Foster parent who has looked after 80 children struck off...because a Muslim girl in her care became a Christian

Islam critic Geert Wilders banned from UK

Knife crime to replace terror as police priority

British Police Raid Cowboy-Themed Party Thinking Guns Are Real

Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV

Axe falls on St George: Parade is halted after council says it attracts racist thugs

Smoking Licenses Proposed in UK

Is it a crime to take pictures?

Stupid Brits pondering their own demise and clueless about what to do about it(read the comments)

The Swiss need to open "Liberal" season NOW!

Polygamy UK: This special Mail investigation reveals how thousands of men are milking the benefits system to support several wives

Teaching the kids that property is theft

Some British Christians feel oppressed in the public square

Scottish police put Muslims first

A decade after handgun ban stupid Aussies still sponsoring 'gun amnesties'(so stupid sheeple and stupid criminals can turn in their weapons)

Family Protection a Crime? Where We Are Headed

Brit says Barack Obama will face huge opposition if he yields to gun control lobby

1,000 Brit police have criminal records

UK population must fall to 30m, says Porritt(That's easy. All they have to do is open "Liberal" season.)

Londoners photographed 425 times a day and their Nazi govt. wants more cameras

British Councils Hire Snoops as Young as Seven to Spy on Neighbors  

Canadian woman Cuffed, Arrested for Not Holding Escalator Handrail

National camera grid to log license plate numbers

BNP haters Beware, The BNP Revolution IS Happening

Home Secretary abandons compulsory ID cards(Gee, the Brit govt. is finally doing something right. Now will the Brit sheeple, who were too cowardly to open "Liberal" season when they should have, get their most basic right back?)

Fearful Premiership footballers installing panic rooms in mansions to keep them safe from intruders

London police stop five under-10s a day - On the one hand this is evidence of growing British insanity, on the other hand a few years ago the cops(bobbies) might have turned a bad kid over their knee, then took him/her home to the parents who would have done it again. Now that would land the adults in prison and the kids in foster care. Again, a sure sign of growing "Liberal" insanity.

Once more the 'burkini' rears its ugly head - Special times for ragheads at Brit swimming pools forbid others from dressing like normal people.

Scouts to no longer bring penknives on camping trips - Another example of what happens when you don't open "Liberal" season before it's too late...

Brit bank cashiers once had guns to protect themselves and the bank's property, but while they fought the Nazis, surrendered them to fascism at home... 

Britain: Question a Doctor and Lose Your Child

Britain Is Bust: National Debt to Top GDP by £1 Trillion

Brit police encouraged to hack more - Another example of what happens when a people who want to live in Liberty fail to open "Liberal" season when they are told to surrender their personal weapons.  

The uncovered conspiracy to transform Britain


One Brit wants to emulate u.S. style of govt. after getting out of the EU

A few Brits do seem to be trying to save their country

And a few more - An Englishman's Castle

If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country I never would lay down my arms, never! never! never! — William Pitt, Earl of Chatham (1708-1778) Speech, Nov. 18, 1777(England's biggest enemies, like ours, are domestic white "Liberal" garbage.)


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