Who will be deceived?
Barry Bright
Sept. 22, 2009

    For years I’ve heard this argument that for Liberty to return to this land we must first return to the ‘lord.’
   After 2000 years of wars, persecutions and endless arguments in pulpits and around campfires one would think they’d get a clue.
   A planet killing asteroid is more likely to slam into Earth within the next few lifetimes than man is to come to an agreement on whose ‘lord’ to bow down to.
   Those arguing we must have an army of righteous warriors before we can hope to prevail against the New World Order or simply to throw the amerikan communist insurgency out on its head, or remove its head(s), have never spent any time in the military. What they're really arguing for is to let our enemies enslave us all.
   For a taste of that I recommend watching ‘Generation Kill.’
   At no time in history, unless one ignorantly takes all the biblical stories to be literal, has an army been totally religious. HBO’s portrayal above is ‘hollywooded up’ as some might say but it mirrors in many ways my own experiences. There are religious people in the military but many are not nor will they ever all be.
   Did General Washington only allow the baptized to join the professional army he struggled to create through the entire war? Were there no self-proclaimed ‘christians’ in the British military?
   How many modern self-proclaimed ‘christians’ will happily fight for the New World Order or the ‘anti-christ?’ Current events and attitudes and history all show there will be many as there were many ‘christians’ in the Yankee Army that helped subjugate the southern states during their quest for independence from an over-reaching federal government.
   A good movie on Hulu shows the situation was much the same in WWII.
   Waiting for an army of saints or angels from heaven to form or arrive before we begin to fight the New World Order or the ameri-commies while hiding in our basements full of ammo and canned goods while their black-suited Nazis come to pick us off one by one or family by family or compound by compound is national suicide and exactly what they hope we do.
   The black-robed regiment was a real and important part of the first American Revolution but many of today’s preachers are too far gone to ever participate in such. Most of these brown nosing mal-educated pulpit pacifists are completely deceived by the elites’ system that they designed to keep them in power despite the first American Revolution.
   If Jesus Christ were walking the streets of amerika today the dumbed-down pulpit pacifists would be screaming the loudest to kill him again because they know he’d cause them to lose their jobs. He didn’t tell them they had to have PhDs in preaching and Cadillac’s to drive to their mega churches.
   And when he drove the banksters from the temple with a leather whip or told his disciples to buy a sword in case they needed it he wasn’t being a pacifist.
   We have to make some allowances for a few preachers like the one I heard on the radio the other day in rural Kentucky who was telling his congregation the federal government has grown too large and is involved in things it has no business being involved in.
   But will he and many others do what the black-robed regiment did and throw off their Sunday suits to reveal militia uniforms and call for the real ‘men’ of the congregation to form up outside? Don’t hold your breath for that one.
   All that being said there’s a lot of crap flying around the net these days. Some sites I used to frequent now seem capable of only generating unsubstantiated or blown out of proportion propaganda designed to distract us from the only thing that will fix this mess if it can be fixed: lots of expensive suits hanging along Pennsylvania Ave.
   The tree of Liberty is thirsty and has shriveled to a shadow of its former self these last several decades. The natural law the Founders, of many religious and non-religious persuasions, followed to found this republic cries out to us that that tree must be watered and soon or it will die and its seeds will be trampled under jack-booted thugs and their treasonous masters for generations to come.
   There used to be a saying found on signs in military surplus stores on flags and t-shirts that may apply in the near future: “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out.”
   And for those ‘christians’ who will read this and claim they are not ‘religious’ because they don’t argue over the fine points of what the Bible says, I can usually disprove that in a two minute conversation. They all have their versions, sub-versions and subversions.
   That’s how they manipulate you because they designed it that way. The corrupt kings of the Earth love it when their subjects fear them too much to overthrow them and keep them waiting in chains for some magical savior to appear out of the clouds and keep them from having to stiffen their backbones and act on their own initiative.
   It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both. - Niccolo Machiavelli, who wrote ‘The Prince’ a copy of which Josef Stalin allegedly used to keep on his nightstand and our own ‘neo-cons’ supposedly referred to in making their decisions on middle eastern policy and who all should read before voting in order to understand how Earthly governments really work.
   These are lessons we must learn if we intend to not be slaves in this world or the next. 



It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


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