Learning how to goosestep shuffle and jive
Barry Bright
The twilight time: Nov. 17, 2008 

   Thomas Jefferson defined our current situation for us long ago: "When the government fears the People, that is Liberty. When the People fear the Government, that is tyranny."
   A few years back my county elected a new ‘conservative’ Judge Executive. He and the magistrates went to one of those training sessions where the state big shots tell them all the trendy things they’re supposed to do once they take office. So the idiot follows their advice and hires a “co-judge exec” or some such to the tune of 30 grand a year.
   So much for fiscal conservatism. The next meeting of the court included several pissed off and disillusioned supporters who informed the idiot of their new and continued non-support. For once the system seemed to work, he wasn’t re-elected. We still have some of the useless and poorly written laws he helped pass that may yet be used to destroy our property rights.
   My magistrate, a preacher with a PhD in preaching who spent years helping the small town big shots feel religious survived the last election to continue his job as committee head over the building of our new ‘just-us’ center and jail. He admitted in last month’s meeting that he didn’t know the new ‘just-us’ center, after months of study and millions spent, would have four clocks on its clock tower.
   Sigh. And they feel qualified to run our lives, every aspect of them. Yes, even the republicrats. And now we have a new national dance leader who had just as well won a prize in 'Dancing with the Stars' or 'Amerkian Idiot.'
   The questions that matter are: What steps will he really try to show us and how many can keep up and how many will refuse?
   So obamacommie was elected primarily because of all the ‘anti-war’ propaganda the mainstream newswhores have been churning out the past few years, and oh yeah, the non-racist racists who voted for the self-proclaimed mutt just because it’s black, or brown, or a ‘brutha,’ or a fellow traveler(communist) or something.
   But anyone who pays attention knows that the latest demagogue is just another NWO hack promising the stupid sheeple what they want to hear every four years.
   So some realize that the biggest immediate question is “Will obamacommie implode?”  I told the author the worshipers in the church of obamanation will willingly offer up their wrists, and their children’s wrists, for their new god’s chains.
   Nothing makes that more evident than this video of obamacommie supporters and a mccommie supporter.  Go watch it, think about it for a few seconds if you can stand it, and come back. And realize, the cops probably saved the guy’s life.
   I had an epiphany the other night, it went something like this: A "Liberal" is a creature that can stare you in the eye and tell you it loves you and wants to help you while planning to cut your throat and steal everything you have."
   So in that vein, I’d like to introduce what should become the most popular phrase of the 21st Century: “Killing “Liberals” isn’t murder, it’s self defense.”

   What authoritarians always want is for the sheeple to sit around nervously chewing their fingernails wondering if they’ll be next. We must be ready to answer them: “NO, HELL NO!.” They must come to fear us, for that is all they understand. They will not stop until they begin to die in sufficient numbers.
   Whether or not we live through the next four, or eight, years may depend on whether there are enough men of virtue in law enforcement and the military. There needs to be a concerted effort to reach them and ask: “Can we count on you to defend Liberty under the obamacommie regime or will we have to begin killing you, in your homes, as you will do to us if you enforce that evil creature’s laws?”
   It’s possible obamacommie’s masters and the masters of the demoncrat congress creatures won’t allow them to pass some kind of ‘gun control’ or other noxious socialist law that will require us to begin killing them. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for that. These creatures are that arrogant.
   Many people are buying guns and ammunition for that fateful time. But what will they do if the First Amendment is first shut down in the name of ‘fairness.’ Anything’s ‘fair’ to a “Liberal” freak that gives it advantage and disadvantages its enemies, i.e. those who wish to live in peace and Liberty with their neighbors.
   I tell people all the time that I think the elites prefer a bloodless establishment of the new world order. But that is not the same as claiming they would really mind killing anyone who got in their way. It’s just that so much killing can get messy, and one prefers not to mess one’s own nest.
   Then someone sent me this slightly worn piece of Americana: "Rules for a gunfight."

   Of course I had to add that if obamacommie and the rest of the freaks have their way one should keep a shovel handy ‘cause you won't be able to call the cops to report that you killed an intruder. You will be the criminal then.
   It’s possible these things can be stopped politically and may be. Common sense sometimes is given a real fair shot and may continue to gain ground. Things are better than the early 90s when simply saying “I have a right to Liberty and a gun,” got one branded as a racist, extremist, etc. Our second biggest enemies are trying to resurrect those days.  
   In other ways our situation is becoming more surreal. Maybe in a few years after the sheeple are just a little more pacified they can have dancing girls and slaves who fight to the death.
   But I possess no crystal balls. So if worse comes to worst, don't sit home and wait for the black-suited Nazis to come to you. Go to their homes first. We have every right to do so because we know there are a percentage who will choose to serve evil.

   And they have already been given carte blanche to pursue ‘terrorists’ anywhere in the world. Don’t think that can’t include your living room. If your kids, friends, dogs, whatever are in the way then that's just 'collateral damage.'

   Our new and future king has clearly said he will carry forward the goals of the elites, forwarding ‘democracy’ in the world, all while destroying Liberty here.
   So how can we expect the LEOs and military to respond with integrity to these creatures’ demands upon them when we are declaring our intentions to defend our Liberty, lives and property? It’s simple, we are already defending our Liberty, and thus our lives and our property. Those who don’t understand that’s what this country is about need to leave, or be shown the way out, in any way necessary.
   Stop allowing the “Liberal” scum who propose to rescue us from the rich elites by replacing oligarchic rule with an even worse authoritarian scheme to lie about their real intentions. Stop compromising with them and stop allowing them to put us on the defensive. That is a losing game. Never allow them an inch of ground.
   There's one more phrase I'd like to borrow from our domestic enemies who whine that our military can't defeat insurgents overseas in a country the size of Commiefornia but would have no problem holding down a nation of 300 million pissed off armed 'domestic terrorists.' During the obamacommie campaign they liked to say "We can do it." My answer is to that is "If they can do it, we can do it."
   When a grizzly is charging you there's no time to play around with hypotheticals like 'honor, integrity and respect.'  It's time for viciousness.
   Really, if there’s a dangerous grizzly around, it’s stupid to wait until it charges someone to do something about it. The elites who nominate the candidates the sheeple are allowed to vote for have no problem with the idea of pre-emptive strikes.
   If they force us, we have every right to give them some of their own medicine.


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