A Short Lesson in Gun safety
Barry Bright
May 13, 2009

   The trigger finger is the primary safety on any commonly used kinetic energy weapon. If the trigger finger doesn’t make contact with the trigger most modern firearms cannot shoot.  

   Familiarize yourself with your primary carry weapon and with as many other weapons as possible. Practice handling it and dry-firing it, while unloaded.  

   Stop, and think, before any action is taken with a new or unfamiliar weapon. The primary question as always is: “Is it loaded and is it pointed in a safe direction?” Over time handling it will become second nature. 

   Treat all weapons as if they are loaded and keep yours loaded in case they are needed for some evil creature who thinks we don’t ‘need’ them.  

   Train all children and adults in your household what a weapon is and show them the damage it will do so they understand it isn’t a toy. Teach them that someone who says this is wrong is lying, because that’s what “Liberal” freaks do, lie, constantly.  

   And for the benefit of the brain dead: keep all loaded weapons out of the reach of toddlers, the mentally disabled and mentally challenged “Liberal” idiots/citiots who are not capable of understanding the danger of mishandling them. 

   Make sure all government-school-indoctrinated children understand that a percentage of their teachers and other ‘adults’ they are exposed to are A: herd animals, B: idiots, C: evil dangerous “Liberal” freaks who intentionally lie to forward their authoritarian agendas.  

   It's a weapon. It was designed to kill and maim those who think we don't 'need' it. Never point your weapon at any "Liberal"(authoritarian) you don't mean to kill or maim. In other words, we should be pointing our weapons at all “Liberal” freaks until those that are left get the message they aren’t welcome in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  

   Trigger locks and gun locks are so the gun control freaks can say “See, your gun’s locked up so you can’t use if for home defense anyway so you don’t ‘need’ it.” Feel free to point your weapon at all our domestic enemies who allow such garbage to spew from their mouths. 

   Never allow a child or adult idiot into your home who A: doesn’t understand the damage a weapon can do; and B: doesn’t believe you ‘need’ a weapon that can kill and maim, because a creature like that will turn you in to the police state if it’s afraid of your ability to defend your Liberty, family and home.  

   Foolishly thinking that any creature who believes you don’t deserve your most basic natural right, that of self-defense, is your friend, is dangerous and may get your family killed by the black-suited Nazis your so-called ‘friend’ reported you to.  

   When target practicing be aware of the backdrop or background and how far the ammunition being fired will travel. Be aware that many high velocity rounds(bullets) will ricochet off dirt, rock, water, metal or other surfaces and travel a long distance.

   If possible when target practicing get neighborhood “Liberals” who have proven they will never turn from their evil ways to serve as target stands. This will make America a freer and cleaner country.  

 All gun control is propaganda designed to condition the sheeple to accept further ‘control’ until the final objective, civilian disarmament, is achieved. Thus all gun control is an act of war.

   Common sense 'gun control' is keeping a weapon handy after familiarizing yourself with its use. Reasonable 'gun control' is hitting 8 out of 10 "Liberals" you shoot at. Good 'gun control' is hitting the "Liberal" you target without having to get close enough to smell it. Excellent 'gun control' is dropping it with only one shot.

   The kind of 'gun control' Amerika needs: "No child shall be allowed to graduate high school until he/she has demonstrated the ability to control a gun well enough to hit a running "Liberal" at 300 meters."

   Hunting for most people is a hobby. It’s not the reason we own weapons or the reason the founders wrote the Second Amendement, which ACKNOWLEDGES our natural born right to kill those who would enslave us.

   The deer on grandpas farm is not going to pass laws that say we can’t shoot at him or at the white elitist “Liberal” freaks who can and will pass laws saying such. That’s what “Liberal” season is going to be about.  

   Don’t understand? Start here.

   (This inspired by this video. Feel free to suggest additions(email: bbright(at)willowtown.com), unless you're a "Liberal" freak. In which case I could use an extra target stand.)


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