In re. to your WND column:

NRA: The largest civil-rights group ever 

Pres. Froman, 

I haven't been a member of the NRA since the early nineties or before, I think maybe for only a year or so long ago. Let me tell you why.

    In 1994 or so I attended a pro-gun rights seminar in Gatlinburg, TN where I listened to Tanya Metaksa explain how the NRA gave money to political candidates it favored. If those candidates lost NRA lobbyists immediately offered money to their successful opponents. That alone was enough to turn me off to your process, a process I can only hope has ceased.

   The NRA seems to have improved somewhat over the years and taken a slightly harder line against our enemies in this war, and it is a war. To ignore that fact is a grave mistake. However many 'freedom' or 'pro-gun rights' activists do not yet seem to realize this as they keep kowtowing to the mainstream news media as if what those propagandists say/write has any basis in reality.

   It is an even bigger mistake to treat anti-Liberty politicians as anything but what they are, our enemies. I have been told of numerous instances in which the NRA supported candidates that local activists knew better than to support.

   With that being said I noted a couple of things in your column. The fact that the NRA was founded by Union Generals is nothing to brag about. They had just participated in a war that ended our Constitutional Republic and turned it into an empire where states that had volunteered to participate lost their ability to say "No, we've had enough." The South was right and it wasn't about slavery. The second war of independence was won by the bad guys.

   Secondly you brag the NRA has trained all sorts of military and police personnel, not a bad thing in itself. But when will you begin training the force that most needs to be trained? The empire’s soldiers are locked in numerous engagements in various foreign locales and will not return home soon regardless of what promises are made by our elected demagogues. Our borders are as porous as a sieve and our large cities are plagued by crime and gang warfare. In Los Angeles the Mexican gangs are systematically running the black gangs out of their old haunts.

   For three years I trained with the Kentucky State Militia in an effort to share some of my basic infantry knowledge gained as a Marine Reservist. We could have used some of that NRA guidance, training, and support but the militia, that evil politically incorrect word that’s in the Second Amendment is apparently too much for the supreme protector of our ‘rights’ to deal with.

   When will the NRA step up to the plate and do what it must to begin training the common people in the skills they will have to use to take our country back. Notice there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘maybes’ in that statement. England is already gone. The cancerous mindset that plagues us has dragged them into the darkness. They are only waiting for the orders to ‘get on the train.’

   Those skills must by necessity involve more than a bird suit and paper targets and will undoubtedly create a firestorm of criticism by the mainstream Marxist propagandists who put all their energies into keeping the sheeple stupid.

   Will your organization ever develop the courage to face them down or will you allow millions of those you claim to help protect wait with trepidation for the orders to ‘turn them in’ with no real plan or organization for that fateful day that will come?

   Many are waiting for your answers. Thank You.
   Barry Bright

 The NRA finally answered this letter. Sort of. You be the judge.

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