The outcomes of political campaigns
Barry Bright
Feb. 18, 2008

Thanks to Charlie Reese for my inspiration for this column.

Dear candidate:
   As a recruit I was told I’d have ‘free health care’ for life. Now as a veteran the VA tells me since I own property I have to help pay for that care even though I already paid for it by being among that tiny minority that took a chance on our lives and future health so our major corporations could keep profiting from foreign economies.
   Now some of our presidential candidates are promising us ‘free healthcare’ that may, by the way, have ‘outcomes’ for those who decide not to participate. Of course those ‘outcomes’ will only apply to those who can ‘afford’ it. Funny concept that.
   Will their idea of ‘affording it’ include property owners with small incomes who may be required to surrender their homes and property to the state for their ‘free’ health insurance before they even need ‘health care?’
   I don’t for a heart beat think they’re not that evil, especially when I consider the Amerikan Communist Insurgency’s historical efforts to destroy property rights via the instructions of their prophet, Karl Marx.
   This presidential campaign has turned out to be a little different from those of years past. It is more obvious than ever that the two major political parties are but two wings on the same beast. And many more seem to have caught on.
   Will the candidates and party apparatchiks catch on or will they continue down the road to hell on Earth? In the hope of spreading these ideas I’ve concocted my own candidate questionnaire that should be made available to every politician and their lapdogs in the mainstream news media.
   I’ll try to keep my questions on the same level you keep your campaign rhetoric but it’s been a few years since I was in kindergarten or the 8th grade so keep your dictionary handy.  Here we go:

  1. Are you telling me you promise “change?” If so is this the kind of change Karl Marx wrote about or are you referring to the old joke about politicians and diapers needing to be changed often and for the same reason?
  1. Are you promising you won’t raise taxes(we’re not supposed to have) or lower benefits(the constitution never mentioned)?
  1. Are you promising that you’re a “conservative”(means “fascist,” or whatever you want it to mean according to the audience you’re speaking to) or ‘progressive’(trendy word for modern “Liberal,” i.e. communist, socialist, fascist, or whatever you think the audience you’re in front of expects to hear).
  1. Are you going to promise me: a. ‘free’ healthcare(while being taxed for it at the point of a government gun); b. security(for which I will have to surrender more of the Liberty we’re supposed to be fighting for); c. a job; d. safe children; e. a cleaner environment; f. more ‘opportunity’; g. ‘homeland security’( just like the Nazis did); h. a false solution to whatever you think my ‘hot button topic’ is?

   I’m not your average voter. I understand as you do that Amerikan politiks has become the art of the manipulation of the stupid. That’s why we’re supposed to have a representative republic, not a democracy that can be easily manipulated by you and your masters.
   I’m part of that tiny minority, and we are growing again. All we need is to congeal into a force that the next OK city bombing or 9/11 won’t dissolve or even slow down. We know what your game is now and we will keep coming no matter what you pull out of your sleeves.
   No matter how many civilians you kill, the percentages will remain the same. In fact, our numbers may even grow. Because we will let it be known that we will not target the stupid and the apathetic. We will only target you and your accomplices in the mainstream news media. 
   We will not fight the war like our ancestors did during the 2nd American Revolution when they foolishly tried to fight a traditional war against an army that simply had more bullets and bodies to throw at our quest for independence and Liberty.
   We will fight more like some of the patriots who wouldn’t stand still and let the British cut them down. We will fight more like the Irishmen under Michael Collins who recognized that their enemies wouldn’t recognize their cause until they were made to feel unsafe in their own homes.
   You will not be safe anywhere. More of us all the time understand that the siege mentality is the road to death for dissidents and to slavery for the rest. We will not cower in our homes or march defenseless in the streets like cockroaches, hoping that tonight is not the night the black-suited Nazis target us, assuming we will be there quietly waiting for their attack. We will target. We will hunt. We will destroy.
   Your lies, your policies, your laws, your campaign promises, have already targeted our lives, our properties, our significant others, our Liberties, our futures. You started this war, we will finish it if it takes 1000 years to hunt you all down, wherever you may slither off to.
   Now take your oath of office with the knowledge that you will be held to it, at pain of ‘outcomes.’

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