Ron Paul kept off Larry King – perplexing?
Jan. 4, 2008
Barry Bright 

   "Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed." -- Mao Tse-Tung Premier of China (1893 - 1976)

   Hang on, this is quite a ride.  
   Someone posted this comment on below the video interview of Ron Paul by Larry King that has of yet not been shown on CNN: 
   “But..I just want to know why they did not air this... perplexing...” 

   Let’s respond to this question, not to attack the questioner, but to try to inform those who may be new to this so far bloodless war.  
   There’s nothing perplexing about this situation, except the stupidity of the American sheeple. We are at war. This country has been under attack from traitors within for generations. The robber barons bought out the mainstream newspapers at the beginning of the 20th century, the ones they didn’t already control.  
   The robber barons funded the communist revolution in Russia. Rich Jews helped fund Hitler in his early days in the hope they could control him. Maybe they did all along. Companies owned by American corporations were operating in Germany during WWII.  
   The American Communist Insurgency, that learned to call itself “Liberal” and “progressive” and other cute names, largely funded by the major corporations and the robber barons who owned them, infiltrated the mainstream newspapers, television networks, educational systems, local governments, state governments, the Democratic party, and pretty much every thing else by the 1960s or so. How do you think they so successfully stopped Joe McCarthy who was doing exactly what he should have been doing and has since been vindicated by history?
   Our ‘enemies within’ are not going to just throw up their hands, say “Oh sorry we bothered you,” and go home to live in peace and Liberty with their neighbors.
   If you have children imagine that their children will still be fighting this war on some level or another 50 years from now. This country is still full of stupid people who are allowed to vote.
   The gap between the minority of intelligent activists on the net, of whatever persuasion, and the millions of dunderheads who vote for whatever TV preacher, of whatever religion, the one that worships big government or the one that worships the wonderful God who will burn billions of people alive forever so long as it’s not me, is still huge. It probably will be for some time.
   Another generation or two may have to die off, or be killed off, before things get better. We are truly lost in the wilderness right now. The sheeple are worshiping mammon, not the god of Liberty.
   When this country fought its first war for independence, a tiny minority led by the aristocrats of the time forced independence on that portion of the colonists who wanted to keep worshiping an earthly king. The French Navy didn’t hurt either.  
   Now the modern aristocrats, down to the local big fish in what ever small pond you may live in, are whores to the system in a hundred different ways. When this country fought its second war for independence, the bad guys won.
   The founder of the Republican Party, who killed 600,000 young men and tens of thousands of civilians so he could keep taxing the southern states and controlling their commerce on behalf of his northern mercantilist masters, was assassinated, about 4 years too late.  
   The Republican Party went on to punish the southern states in every way they could. That’s why so many southern democrats, many converting after they saw what the ‘union’ was really about, passed on to their children their yellow dog democrat ways, the reason for which was forgotten by later generations who in their ignorance thought they should vote for anyone who promised them a check.
   Thus the ultimate vote buying scheme, socialism, gained a solid foothold on what was left of the republic that Lincoln helped to turn into an empire. If you still think the not-so-civil war was about slavery go ask the American Indians how much respect the government that ‘freed the slaves’ gave to their minority right after the war. 
   Let’s be fair to the yellow dogs. Many ‘Christian conservatives’ in the Republicrat party think everything will be fine if they vote for the candidate who throws in the word “Jesus” every few minutes, whether it has anything to do with the conversation or not. If he doesn’t do that, then half a theology degree will suffice. That probably explains Tuesday’s results.
   Let me repeat. We are at war. Don’t look for a president, or a general, or a god, to save you. Things happen in this world because people do or don’t do things. When a minority shows up they run the show. You just have to be on the right stage. Taking the stage is another matter. It may, in fact probably will, take more than sign waving, blogging, and voting to take it away from those would enslave us further.
   This horse race has just started. Ron Paul may well do better later. But you can be sure that every dirty nasty trick imaginable can or will be used against him, up to and including kinetic energy weapons. Our enemies are in this for keeps. If you’re not, just go ahead and buy some knee pads and prepare to kiss what ever they stick in your face, because there is no limit to their evil, or their insanity.
   Don’t blindly believe any of the statements made above. Do the research yourself, not in the mainstream history books you were handed in school, but on the internet, where you are now. Start with my quotes page, then go to my reading page.
   I’ll never forget an incident from the early 90s when I was involved in the Perot campaign. At a meeting in Louisville, Kentucky one of the people in charge of the event told me “We just want to get the politics out of it.”
   As ignorant as I still was at that time, I did have enough sense to look at her and say, “That’ll never happen.”
   Politics is human nature. From the whispering gossip at the local restaurant to the kissing of babies, it’s part of the human animal. The herd moves in certain ways, to the fields and to the watering hole, following whatever rear end looks like it might know the right direction. The best one can hope for is not to be at the front of the line when you reach the crocodile infested river, or not to be the straggler the lions turn into lunch. But as nature demands, the crocodiles and the lions have to be fed.
   I hope that I am wrong. May history count me a fool if the peaceful revolution succeeds. Even if it does, the gods of war are not easily kept down.
   For the revolution to succeed a workable alternative to socialism will have to be found. As it stands if socialism were about helping the downtrodden then all the money, time and effort put into electing communists like Hillary and Obama could be channeled into charity that must by definition come from the heart, not the barrel of a government gun. But it’s not about that is it?
   Maybe the alternative is out there already on some Libertarian or ‘conservative’ website, just waiting to be shared with, or forced on, the world. But without an attractive rear end for the herd to follow it will continue on its present course, toward the plains of earthly utopia the demagogues have convinced them the crocodiles and lions don’t inhabit.
   It doesn’t matter that the lions and crocodiles are really there, always have been and always will be. It only matters what the herd believes at the moment, for it has a short memory. And the powers who want to always be know this.

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