Pray for slavery
Barry Bright
Jan. 20, 2009 

   Joseph Farah of World Net Daily seems to have stirred up a small hornet’s nest by asking his readers to pray for the newly sworn in Marxist mutt to fail in his attempts to finish turning our country into a police state.
   I don’t always agree with Mr. Farah but this time he nailed it. What’s surprised me is how many WND readers obviously don’t have the clue their god gave a church mouse.
   My complaint with the Marxist mutt is slightly different than Farah’s though. I’ve long given up on sorting out all the various versions, sub-versions and subversions of what ‘god’s will’ is supposed to be.
   The Marxist mutt shows through his voting record his interest lies in overthrowing human Liberty here and abroad and thus deserves a quick treason trial and a short rope. It’s highly likely his reign will take us to civil war.
   For the sake of the stupid I didn’t vote for Dubya and wouldn’t. He did enough damage to our nearly dead republic but at least some of his administration had some respect for human Liberty. The Marxist mutt’s will likely have none.
   Both the past election year and the comments on Farah’s column prove we don’t have much of a chance in the future. It’s horrifying the number of sheeple in this country who are incapable of abstract thought and yet are allowed to vote.
   If someone believes Josef Stalin's murder of millions through starvation, war and sentences to the gulags was ‘god’s will’ that someone is a religious nut and probably historically ignorant to boot. End of story.
   With or without religion most sheeple would go through their existences with blinders on, stupidly grazing and breeding.
   Some want to pray for the Marxist mutt’s salvation. That’s fine and dandy. But if it’s god’s will we have a communist dictator I don’t expect to see the creature go on network TV dressed in sackcloth and ashes crying for forgiveness, unless it’s another act.
   Whether born here or born in darkest Afrika(spelled with a ‘k’ because of all the commie governments there) the Marxist mutt isn’t an American. He’s a secular Marxist and New World Order hack first, last and always. Socialism isn’t American. Democracy isn’t American.
   It’s my understanding that Jefferson Davis said he hoped god would be on the Confederacy’s side while the tyrant Lincoln claimed he wished to be on god’s side. We know what the outcome of that contest was, the destruction of the republic and the beginning of the empire. Who’s on first?
   None are perfect, no not one. So all of us will miss our targets on occasion but if there were enough of us with enough brains and backbones to know we should be shooting we could take our country back and execute for treason all those who so sorely deserve it.
   These idiots can waste time quoting various scriptures to prove and disprove various theories for another two thousand years but for my temporal lifetime on this planet I choose Liberty and I’m willing to kill whatever lowlife scum I must to maintain and restore it.
   The rest can lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.  

   Below are some examples of the comments left on WND. Not all of them bad:  

RE: We Should Pray For God
Posted by UpNorth on Jan 19, 2009 09:20

I totally agree with you! This Nation needs a good cleansing... more appropriately a good power washing! There is a saying that 'a person does not know love until it is lost'. It is a great understanding of the heart as an adult reflects back on earlier years, and honestly comes to grip with the mistakes and foolishness that he/she embraced which contributed to the demise of that relationship.

Just as in most separations and divorces, a SUCCESSFUL remarriage is a gift that is truly cherished. Let us all pray that the remarriage of our Country is a true and genuine lasting gift and that we don't simply fail as many remarriages do, based on human natures refusal to do our very best the second time around!

Let us all be humbled by our human errors.

Pray for us all. We need it! 

(A good cleansing is right. With any luck the ragheads are about to nuke several major cities. That may be this country’s only salvation. – BB)

Don't obey evil laws, or evil government
Posted by Linwood on Jan 19, 2009 10:22

Mayhew preached a sermon 25 years before the Revolutionary War which said we have a moral obligation NOT to obey an immoral government. It was widely read for years and years. 

(Finally someone with some historical sense of what is happening to us. – BB)


Posted by barneyboy on Jan 19, 2009 09:52

I believe we should pray for his personal failure,in a way that doesn't harm the nation or our freedoms and constitution.
If he succeds with his liberal agenda,it will harm the nation as a whole and the freedoms we currently enjoy, because it will move the nation ever closer to a socialistic system, with too much power vested in the central government. The liberals seem to want exactly what the founding fathers moved here and fought against, in order to establish this country, reestablished here. In my opinion their agenda is nothing short of communism. 

(Someone else with a bit of a clue but without understanding of what it’s going to take to fix this mess. – BB)

This one has to be second best:

RE: Who Read it?
Posted by leonard_oregon on Jan 19, 2009 09:37

My earlier message was submitted about
11pm last night. So it is buried way down there. I think a bunch of people should actually read Farah's article.

I see a bunch of stock answers, both from the religious and secular sides, right out of their "education" and "training". Obviously, they did not read Farah's article.

Consider the mass murderers and tyrants of history. I will bet a bunch of Christians in
Germany said the same things about Hitler in the '30's. A bunch of religious people here could have accepted his assent to power with complete resignation that Hitler WAS the anti-Christ and pointless to fight.

Why did we have any business stomping Hitler into the mud if "God put him in power"?

A long time ago, I heard it said in church "What business did our Founders have in rebelling against the King of England?"

Now, between the Secular Humanists training the nation to be a bunch of sheep, and religion training a bunch of people to be sheep, not surprisingly we are a nation of sheep bleating out what's been planted in our heads.

"The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." --John Stuart Mills 

(Is this guy kidding? A religious nut or a “Liberal” freak actually learn to think abstractly and for themselves? He must be dreaming. – BB)

This one has to be the worst:  

Pray for God's Will to be done
Posted by Tinka82 on Jan 19, 2009 08:48

I'm taking the path of ignorance here. Before you laugh or scoff, hear me out. Ignorance in that God has a plan for this nation, and He didn't ask my opinion. (thankfully! :) Evidently somehow, Obama falls into this plan. Whether it is going to be a failure of the
US in it's current status (which, BTW isn't that great at following God's laws) and a restructuring, or whether it's the end times are upon us. We Americans will end up shocked and betrayed to learn the level of corruption, greed, and to what extent evil runs our government. I firmly believe that there is far more of satan involved with our current government than our beloved God. Power and money corrupt, and congress has both. What's worse is congress really has no accountability for what they do with the power and money. The blind masses keep voting them back in.

Corruption is rampant from the city/county levels of government, our local judicial officials, portions of the law's everywhere. Obama is just one part of the system. It is my personal opinion that we Christians need to first get strong on our Biblical and ethical stance, and then demand these standards be upheld. Start from your local level where you have the most control and influence, because believe it or not, that local level has far more direct influence on you and your family's daily lives.

(Hey tinka, there’s always been good old fashioned corruption. Always will be. If these are the ‘end times’ let god come, kill ‘em all and he can sort ‘em out. I personally have no desire to be anyone’s slave, in this life or any other. – BB)

And then here’s one that starts off well but then goes off the deep end:  

Prayer won't make any difference
Posted by Heath Angel on Jan 19, 2009 08:37

Not one tyrant in history was ever defeated because of prayer. You don't have to go that far in history either. Many victims of the NAZI concentration camps will tell you right to your face, 'God abandoned us'. It was Man's brute force that saved us , Not God !

Praying for Obama to fail is LAME ! You might as well say that you want
America to suffer intentional harm to prove your worthless point. In the mean time it's always innocent people who get harmed, the meek, the defenseless. Praying for someone in power to fail, will prove that you've all given up on humanity and are resorting to witchcraft and pure stupidity to supposedly save yourselves. LAME !

If your that afraid of what's going on in the USA, then it's time that you consider other options. Maybe God has room in his overcrowded dungeon for you and your kind.

(Uh, huhhh. – BB)

Posted by GoGOP2012 on Jan 19, 2009 08:02

If Obama succeeds, our country will be a socialist mess with overwhelming debt and less reliance on our Creator. If Obama fails, we will have a chance to return to core values. If he is "chosen" by God, we can have no opposition to the end times. If he is "allowed" by God, we have no opposition to God's plans. If he changes his plans to reflect God's will, the country wins. The worst thing that can happen for the nation is he expands the federal government with the trillion dollar blank check instead of infusing it into the economy so that the free market system can work. 

(The problem is that the Marxist mutt’s opposition, ‘conservatives, Libertarians and other assorted ‘right wingers’ can’t agree on what their core values are while our enemies have no such problems. They don’t need them, they just have to keep passing laws until we have to get permission to breathe and pay a tax on it and have someone inspect it to make sure we did it right. – BB)

This one has to be the best:

Praying for America
Posted by Mad Jack on Jan 19, 2009 06:58

Dear Mr. Farah,

I think you took the right note on this issue, it should be obvious to any Christian that the coming agenda is not of God's will, but of man's, and God does not tell us to cleave to evil leaders.

As you quote, Jesus said "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and to God that which is God's", our allegiance must be to God, even if it is through a righteous leader, and our prayers must be consistent with God's word.

You rightly state that we in fact "have no Caesar", but that's not quite correct, we established this Nation on the notion that we all would be Caesar, collectively, as sovereign citizens, so we are not just supplicants of our government, but we are the actuaries as well.
Our greatest failure right now is in having allowed a usurping ideology take over our schools and teach that government is the source of power and authority, in keeping with most of history, which is the exact antithesis of what our Nation was established as, and in doing so, we have failed to be "Caesar" when we are called upon to be sovereign citizens, in our personal responsibility of ensuring a righteous government, we have failed to do what a "righteous before God "Caesar" would do, and because of this, we have a usurper preparing to assume the role we have abdicated.

As sovereign citizens, our elected officials are nothing but public servants, as are appointed and hired government operatives. As such, it is our moral duty to keep them in check, and ensure they fulfill the standards and demands of both the Constitution they have sworn an oath to follow to the letter, and to fulfill the rightful demands of a sovereign people.

If we have called upon them to do that which is far beyond their authority, can we blame them for accepting the abdicated authority? Having done so, to an extreme, we must also, not only not pray in support of this usurper's policies, but pray for guidance in returning ourselves to sovereignty, and bear in mind the road back to righteousness is strewn with blood and pain for those who left, and we must bear what ever there is, to return to this point in order to be legitimate as a Nation before God again.

More than anything else, we must pray for The People of this Nation to once again, re-assume their place in this world among the free, self-reliant, self-sustaining People who are the fruit of God's work, and only thus can we return to the Republic which we were established as. We must pray un-ceasingly that The People take back their sense of personal responsibility as Citizens, so that their sense of personal authority is properly offset by its reverse, as it was meant to be.

"The People" are responsible for our current state as a Nation, by forgetting that responsibility is ever the other side of the coin of "authority", and getting the government to give anything requires it take it, meaning we are responsible for the wrong acts of government, as well as any chance good it might do, and must take that responsibility.

John McClain
Vanceboro, NC 

(All the commenters and many others should take special note of Mr. McClain’s letter, especially the ‘blood and pain’ part, because it’s probably going to require lots of both to take this country back. – BB)


   The WND staff for some reason didn't have the courage to post my original comments. But then I have had my doubts about them in the past. Now they are confirmed. They are in denial as is most of the rest of the 'conservative' and Libertarian movement. Or they are too cowardly to take the stand we so desperately need to take at this point in history. May their chains rest lightly upon them.

   No. I can't really mean that. I sincerely hope they and the majority of mainstream 'christians,' most of whom are oblivious to what is being done to us all, suffer horribly in this world for their apathy and cowardice. They fully deserve it.


It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


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