This quote got me started
Barry Bright
May 28, 2009 

   "The reason this country continues its drift toward socialism and big nanny government is because too many people vote in the expectation of getting something for nothing, not because they have a concern for what is good for the country. A better educated electorate might change the reason many persons vote. If children were forced to learn about the Constitution, about how government works, about how this nation came into being, about taxes and about how government forever threatens the cause of liberty perhaps we wouldn't see so many foolish ideas coming out of the mouths of silly old men." -- Lyn Nofziger [Franklyn C. Nofziger] (1924-2006) American journalist, political consultant, author, Press Secretary for President Reagan

(Follow the link and read the comments first.)

   Part of the problem with this society is that we have allowed the “Liberal” lowlifes,(communists/progressives/social democrats/et al) to destroy our attitude toward educating children, i.e. ‘forcing’ them to learn what they need to know to be free responsible adults in what is supposed to be a free country.

   It is the job of the collectivists/statists to create parasites, herd animals, who expect ‘something for nothing’ and who can be counted on to vote accordingly. Those who profess to love Liberty have sat still without protesting for so long this process may now be irreversible.  

   If we want to live in Liberty we must admit something most 'socialists,' collectivists, authoritarians, et al have long recognized: most people are sheeple, herd animals who only care about survival and entertainment and whose understanding of freedom is shaped by those they perceive to be in authority.

   Real human Liberty is preserved for that tiny minority that really values it, and there are more layers of those than will be examined here. The rest will never understand it or give a damn about it.

   The classically educated aristocrats who founded this country were not all good guys. Some of them would have been happy with an American monarchy. Others of them insisted a Bill of Rights be attached to a 'constitution' that was obviously full of loopholes that any big government lover could jump through with two broken ankles.  

   Don't say they can't for they obviously have. The Bill of Rights has been the only barrier to totalitarianism, Lincoln’s and the republican’s war on southern independence and destruction of states rights and individual liberty notwithstanding.

   The classically educated aristocrats, not 'the people' forced independence from English monarchy and human liberty on the populace at the point of a gun, bayonet and the French navy.

   We will have to force Liberty on those who would force slavery on us, killing many of them in the process. If we do not develop the resolve to do so in the amount required we should be ready to accept the heavier chains they will use to replace the ones we already wear.

   Since the beginning of the ‘Ron Paul’ movement I have witnessed many Paulbots(I supported and voted for him), issue the mindless rebuttal that “violence is never the answer.”

   Tell that to the IRS or the BATF Nazis who carry automatic weapons that most 'Americans' can't afford to own and wear body armor to enforce their evil on their victims who they have no problem killing when they resist.

   This is my major issue with the Libertarian Party, who seem to be mostly a bunch of pacified herd animals who like to sit around in the hog lot, munching their government corn between bouts of spouting rhetoric about free market capitalism and individual Liberty.

   But when the farmer comes to collect his tax they cower in the corner while another of their lot is shot and butchered and made an example of. The thought of killing the farmer and walking out the gate is repugnant to their sensibilities and indicative of their cowardice. They are still the victims of the pacification programs of the elitist statists who seek to manipulate us forever.

   All our Liberties, the Bill of Rights, are based on the right to fight back, the basic innate right to self defense possessed by the lowliest creature on the planet and who every creature in the food chain over it wants it to ignore.

   April 19, 1775 should be our greatest holiday for that was the day some local militiamen stood up to the government soldiers sent by their sovereign king to disarm them. On that day they shot back and continued to shoot back until they killed enough lobster backs to discourage them from sending more.

   We will one day have to kill enough black-suited Nazis to discourage them from sending more, or forever be resigned to eating their corn and paying their tax.



It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


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