The rhetoric and the ice water
Barry Bright
June 9, 2008

   We’ve had a small group here in Taylor County for about 6 years that was formed to fight the local nuisance ordinance that our local non-geniuses combined with a mandatory garbage company enriching scheme.  
   The nuisance law essentially says, among several unenforceable things, that they can make you maintain your grass in any field at a certain level, or the county workers will cut it for you and send you the bill, and of course threaten your very property if you don’t pay it.  
   One might think that a group of people smart enough to recognize that local government was overstepping its bounds with such blind idiocy would also recognize similar shenanigans on the state or national level.  
   But in discussion during our last meeting about recent elections I learned we had one Ron Paul supporter(not counting me and another Paulbot, a newcomer to the meetings), one McCommie supporter, and one Hitlery supporter, among those present, (about 5 people).  
   After suggesting that maybe Hitlery represented similar anti-property rights thinking and actions taken by our former local Republicrat administration that passed the aforementioned ordinance and after explaining why McCommie was evil because of McCain/Feingold ‘campaign finance reform’ that prohibited small grass roots organizations from informing their membership of incumbents’ voting records within 60 days of an election, things I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned in past meetings, I saw no real change of attitudes.  
   Now these are some of the more informed and active members of our local community.  
   I once had a hard time understanding why our officers in the Marine Corps were trained to treat us enlisted folk like three-year-olds. After 15 years as a political activist and after seeing the outcome of the last year’s Ron Paul movement I understand completely:  
   The average human is stupid. Most of them are herd animals. They will spend their existences grazing and breeding while never giving any real thought to the world they exist in.  
   Notice I didn’t use the word ‘lives.’ Most people don’t live. They don’t know how.  
   Now I fully understand how the elites are raised or educated to treat us great unwashed masses as the cattle most of us are, and strive to remain throughout our existences.  
   In college I minored in psychology because I wanted to understand the human animal as best I could. Well I do. But I don’t. I see what they are now but for the life of me I can’t understand how they can continue on existing as the dumb brutes they are.
   In one of my classes we discussed how most humans don’t begin to think abstractly until they are about 24 years old. Until then they think in concrete terms. Many spend their lives as concrete thinkers.  
   I’ll add my own theories, pardon if I’m stealing someone else’s, but most of the sheeple who do learn to think abstractly only do so at certain times or on certain subjects. They may get smart enough to outmaneuver their kids’ whining for the latest toy but they never learn that when a politician whines for “change” and “hope” that it’s just rhetoric.  
   “What’s that word ‘rhetoric’ mean anyway?”  
   Now learning all this political stuff takes effort, and time, two items most sheeple are loathe to commit, especially the effort part. The time thing can often be forgiven seeing as how most jobs nowadays have to be full time, with both parents working, just to pay for the 8-year-old’s cell phone, the big screen TV and satellite service, the bass boat, houses that would have been mansions to our ancestors of the 19th and early 20th centuries with year round climate control and of course 4 dollar a gallon gas.  
   But who’s asking the sheeple to quit their jobs and become full-time political activists? I’ve long believed that if half the population that valued some form of Liberty in their hearts, and many do without knowing it, would pay attention a few minutes a week and act on what they learn we could possibly avoid the iceberg, or at least know what action to take when we hit it. 
   Really the iceberg was hit long ago, in 1865 after Lee surrendered, or in 1913 when the private banksters took over our money system, or when FDR’s raw deal was shoved down the willing throats of millions of ignorant, naďve and hungry Amerikans, take your pick from those or several other mal understood events.  
   One scene in the movie Titanic stays with me: the middle aged aristocrat sitting nobly in his tuxedo with his cane and the look of a three year old who lost his sucker on his face, waiting for the cold water of the North Atlantic to creep up to his mustache.  
   Think of the average Amerikan sheeple, sitting like that aristocrat, on their $10,000 lawn mower on a hot Saturday afternoon, manicuring their yard, too reality numb to feel the ice water that’s already up to their neck.
   Until the ‘patriot’ movement gets its own television network, equal to the Communist News Network or to Faux News, no real dent will be made in the rampant stupidity/apathy. They’ll just keep on mowing until their great god government tells them there's no more gas left, whether there really is or not.  
   And understand, that as Jefferson said, about half the population at any given time prefers a government that acts more like a god, and thus will continue to vote for the Obamacommie and McCommie and Hitlery types no matter what facts you present to them.  
   Recent disappointments among Ron Paul supporters about the outcomes of a few Republicrat conventions should not be surprising. The ‘old guard’ is only doing what the ‘old guard’ always does, protecting its turf and its power. They abuse the system for the outcomes they desire because they can. Right and wrong have nothing to do with it, except for the stupid among them who really believe McCommie cares about them or about anything other than his own aggrandizement and power. 
   We’re still in the dark ages really. Billions on the planet are convinced that the majority of the human race will spend eternity burning alive in a lake of fire because they didn’t believe in the right god or the right version or sub-version of the right god. Apparently many in or associated with our national government are willing to wage war if it will speed up that process.  
   And if you look at them and say “The average human is a herd animal and deserves to be a slave,” at best you’ll get a look of bewilderment. 
   So if you’re part of the tiny, that’s the ‘tiny’ that’s in the dictionary, minority capable of understanding this column, then understand that none of this will be over soon. Even if it all collapses into another round of war and genocide those left standing with understanding will still have to herd the meek who inherit the refuse pile.  
   Are you a herder or a herd animal? Are you a survivalist or an infiltrator? Are you a warrior or a pacifist who stupidly believes that the herd will return the love you show for it?

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