Dear Ron Paul supporters(or the portion thereof who can handle reality)
Barry Bright
Feb. 19 2008 

   This is in response to a discussion on a Ron Paul list. It doesn’t matter which one, it could apply to so many I’m sure.
   I don't know how long some of you have been involved in this war, and I'm no genius, but I've learned a few things in the last 15 years or so:
   Don't waste time on all the doomsayers. There are always doomsayers. Some of them make a lot of money from doom saying. That being said, and not being an economist, I am more 'concerned' than I've ever been.
   Don't waste time on the people who are constantly crying "the tanks are gonna roll next week, month, year," as we heard a lot of in the 90s. Just be thinking about what you will do when/if it happens in your lifetime. And remember, if you don't believe it's better to die on your feet than on your knees perhaps you're on the wrong side.
   Concentrate on the laws the bastard lowlife scum are passing. Yeah, I'm 'name calling' again. But it's not name calling if it's the truth. "Liberal"ism(authoritarianism) is a malignancy in this country and if it's not treated as such it will eat us.
   They will have no compunction about sending their black-suited Nazis to make you ‘comply.’ And their Nazis‘ only real goal is to get home at night, if that means you die ‘cause it was easier that way, so be it. Wake up, grow up, and think about the situation we’re really in.
   Concentrate on Ron Paul's efforts, what ever he decides they need to be, for he's the best thing, along with his movement, to come along in a very long while. We're talking decades here.
   This is a war for Liberty. When the founders started raising the rabble a decade or so before the “shot heard ‘round the world” was fired, that’s what they were really working with, unemployed, half educated men who hung around the taverns and grumbled about the issues of the day.
   You’re going to have to find a way to raise the rabble, in a country where they all get a check and sit home in front of the weaponvision watching wrestling or football or MTV or whatever the hell they watch nowadays. If the economy crashes as has been predicted for so long by so many, the rabble will go crawling to the great god guvment for a check or a bag of rice. The group who can harness the ensuing anger will rule the day.
   When the internet started to be a real factor in the patriot movement some were saying it would 'save' us. No. It's another tool, like any other tool of war, like a television or a sniper rifle, or an i.e.d., like Ron Paul is another man who could drop dead tomorrow leaving you with the option of kissing their ass or getting in their face and continuing to say "No, Hell No!"
   The only thing that will save us, some end of world god coming back scenario notwithstanding, is enough people getting off their asses, reaching down and grabbing their balls or whatever they think they need to grab, and getting in their faces and saying "No" loudly enough and often enough and being ready willing and able to use the force necessary to back that "No, Hell No!" up.
   Stop looking for saviors or some one to ‘lead’ you. Lead yourselves. Group together in cells of three, five, ten, or one, but blindly trust no one. All can be bought. All have a price. All have a pain threshold. Well, that’s not the ‘all’ that’s in the dictionary, but you couldn’t get a frog’s hair between the difference. There are always spies and counter spies and idiots or plants who will try to get you to do stupid things. And don’t keep anything the Nazis and “Liberal” lowlifes don’t think you should have in your home or on your own property.
   I read a lot of stories about what's happening in England. If you have no clue how screwed those sheeple have allowed themselves to become you need to go here: And click on 'British insanity.'
   Those sheeple passed the mark several years back when they should have started killing their "Liberals," when they were told to surrender their Liberty teeth. Now they’re cowering in their homes, scared of their criminals, from the government and street.
   This is supposed to be America, with a 'c' not a 'k,' and maybe I watched too many John Wayne movies growing up but so help me I will not sit home while our lowlife scum do here what was done over there. I will step out my front door and go hunting, and if I only get to take one or two with me so be it. I won’t die kissing their ass.
   Anyone who doesn't understand the necessity of that, and acknowledge in their hearts and minds that it may very well come to that, is definitely on the wrong side.

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