Thinking harder and getting it wrong
Barry Bright
Feb. 10, 2008

   Paul Wesslund of Kentucky Living magazine tells us about his false efforts to be ‘fair’ to all concerned while ‘reporting’ on the issue of so-called ‘global warming.’ “You have to think harder to get it right,” he wrote.
   If that's the hardest you can think Paul maybe the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives needs to look for another editor. Let’s try thinking about these things:
   When I was a kid I bought a book titled ‘The Population Bomb.” Essentially it said we’d all be starved to death way before now. Now the average Wal Mart super center has a grocery section 5 times larger than the Houchens we shopped in back then.
   The populations of all the western countries are on the decline, while the third world, not exposed to our propaganda, continues to reproduce as if they can always depend on us to feed them.
   While in college in the 80s I read a book that told me we’d be out of oil before my life was half over. Now a tiny minority of experts are telling us that not only are we not running out of oil but that instead of it being left over dinosaurs and swamp waste the earth generates it constantly as a natural process.
   In the early 1990s the mainstream news media ramped up their promotion of gun control. When we tried to get concealed carry laws passed in the states we were told it would create a ‘wild west’ atmosphere. It didn’t happen, at least not because of CCW. Now nearly all states have ‘shall issue’ CCW.
   The mainstream news media is still promoting gun control. But politicians know they dare not mention it, or work toward it to any great degree because so many of us know they lie, about not just that issue, but most issues.
   In the 70s or so they were telling us the next ice age is coming soon. Now global warming is their latest excuse for controlling every aspect of our lives.
   All this was mainstream propaganda. But at the time I was too young to know better than to watch and read mainstream news as if what they were reporting really mattered or had any particle of reality to it. So don’t be surprised when I don’t believe them when they tell me I have to surrender control over every aspect of my life and property to ‘save the earth’ or ‘save the children.'
   When I see the environmental groups spending millions on TV commercials and newspaper and magazine ads and propaganda campaigns I know they’re not ‘grass roots’ organizations.
   In fact they receive millions from the corporations they allegedly oppose. The Nature Conservancy controls billions in assets while buying and selling land, often to developers.
   Who’s really profiting from all these constant lies? Who’s really profiting from the trade in carbon credits? It won’t be the average customer, or ‘member’ of the local rural electric cooperative.
   And who’s really telling the reporters what to report? Why do they make careers out of lying to us, and of course supporting left-wing(communist, socialist) politicians?
   Wesslund wrote that a Kentucky Living survey revealed only 10 percent of their readers think as I do. That’s not surprising. Through human history it’s always a tiny minority that really attempts to understand the world around them and makes any real difference for the future.
   At one time the majority thought the earth was flat because that’s what they’d been taught all their lives. Now scientists know and most accept that it’s been more or less round since its beginning and that climate change has been going on since there’s been a climate.
   Adolf Hitler said if you repeat a lie often enough the people will believe it. He also said it’s a good thing for rulers that people do not think. So why am I supposed to be impressed with any survey results?
   How many of the people that Kentucky Living is mailed to get any other kind of publication in their household except their local newspapers, most of which do not cover anything in any real depth? How many of Wesslund’s readers blindly watch the television news as if it can be trusted?
   Only people who get their news from the many alternative news sites on the internet have any real idea what’s happening around them. It’s a simple fact of human nature that most of the rest have no clue and most don’t want one.
   Only 3-7 percent of the colonies’ population fought in the American Revolution. The rest were content to bow down to their king. There are a tiny percentage of us today who are paying attention, and we’re sick of being lied to, and of being expected to remain silent while our relatives, neighbors and fellow Americans are being intentionally deceived.
   Wesslund, your solution is obviously not education, it’s more propaganda. You asked “What’s a magazine editor to do?”
   How about telling the truth for once and not parroting the collectivist propaganda from the mainstream news media and so-called environmental groups? That would be a miraculous start.

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