What you tolerate you deserve 
Barry Bright
Nov. 30, 2007

   I write the following as a representative of myself, not of any candidate, group, religion, party, version, sub-version, or subversion.

   It would be great to have a Ron Paul in the White House. It would be great to have a congress full of Ron Pauls, state legislatures full of Ron Pauls, city, county and parish governments full of Ron Pauls.

   But thatís not reality. We have a Congress, state legislatures, commissions, councils, whatever, of whores.

  A few years back a mainstream newswhore wrote a book titled ďParliament of Whores.Ē No one blinked much of an eye at his accusation that I can remember. But what most didnít or donít seem to consider is that in order for us to have a parliament, or congress, of whores, we have to have a nation of whores to vote them in or at least tolerate them.

   Even if Ron Paul is elected, allowed to be elected, because thatís how it works, by some miracle, there are only so many things he can do.

   He canít repeal all the gun laws himself. He canít get rid of the Federal Reserve himself. He canít get rid of the IRS himself. He canít overnight change the minds of the millions of idiots in this land of the prostituted and the home of the apathetic who think they deserve a government check or free healthcare or to be kept safe by the police state.

   Someone smarter than me needs to figure out how to harness all this youthful energy that may well fizzle out soon. If it does, oh well, itís their future. Iím middle aged, and in a year Iíll be past militia age.

   I know where my lines are, and what my limitations are, so I donít expect to live to be old or to see the full fruition of the police state. When the ďLiberalĒ lowlifes and the globalists they serve, whether theyíre smart enough to know it or not, do certain things my name will appear on the evening propaganda cast.

   Iíd dearly love to see the apathetic sheeple suffer horribly in this world for their apathy. Oh, Iím such a horrible person. The Jews in an Italian city I canít remember the name of were warned by the Catholic priests what the Nazis would soon do to them. They shrugged their shoulders, and within days or weeks were loaded onto the death trains.

   They fully deserved it.

   When you make no effort to get in their face and tell them ďNo,Ē and mean it, and kill them when they take that next step, you fully deserve what they do to you.

   What you tolerate you deserve. When you tolerate your boss telling you that 60 hour workweek is necessary or you wonít have a job you deserve to be kept away from your family or your favorite activities, until youíre too old to fully enjoy them. If youíre a truck driver and you go on 2 hours of sleep of day, with no exercise or recreation time, for 50 weeks or more a year so you can Ďhave a good retirementí you deserve it.

   Weíre supposed to have a system that allows us to fight back, with a ballot box, a jury box, and if those donít work a cartridge box. And yes, weíre winning on many fronts. But itís because of the actions of a tiny minority of our population. And it could all be turned on its ear in one election cycle, or in one more Ďterroristí event, or in one more thing no oneís thought of yet.

   At what point will this representative republic weíre supposed to live in be unsalvageable? I donít pretend to know. Many believe itís already too late. Maybe it was too late in April 1865. The fact that so many canít understand that last sentence may prove itís true.

   If as many as 100 people ever read this Iíll be surprised. Theyíre all glued to the weaponvison, their jobs, their hobbies if they have time for them or whatever keeps them in never land.

   In fact it has too much reality in it for even most Ďpatriotí activists. And I use that word patriot loosely.

   Iím still trying to figure out, and a lot of the members of the Amerikan Communist Insurgency are too apparently, how or why so many Ďleft-leaningí people are supporting Ron Paul. He has a great way of getting a simple message across. He seems like an honest person. Even many of the sheeple are not so far gone as to not recognize this.

   But what they wonít recognize is that what the other candidates say matters not. All that matters is their records. No one gets a promotion to a better job because they say theyíll do well, when theyíve been producing garbage, except in politics, and in some major corporations.

   How many will support Ron Paul when their fascination with the idea of the end of the Iraq occupation, or colonization, peters out? It is funny, ironic, how the overwhelming propaganda effort by the mainstream news media that put the harder corps socialists back in charge of the Congress is now working to help a candidate that most of them would rather die, or kill, than to see in any kind of power over their pitiful lives.

   How many will flock to vote for Hitlery who will use the Demoncrat vote-buying scheme of more government checks and free healthcare when they learn that Ron Paul, as a Libertarian, is against their idea of communist utopia?

   Personally I hope Hitlery wins. She is exactly what the sheeple deserve. Like her husband she will sell many guns and much ammo and keep the Republicrat idiots off the golf course for at least four years.

   There is no way anyone with a brain and a Liberty loving heart can vote for JulieAnnie or any of the other Republicrat candidates.

   So go vote for Ron Paul. Show up, actually show up and WORK for Ron Paul, and your Liberty. Thatís what itís about. Itís not about Ron Paul. And if you ask him heíll tell you heís nobodyís savior.

   Thatís why we need people of his caliber to begin the process of eating away at the mortar and loosening the bricks in the wall that our ancestors either failed to stop or didnít try to stop the construction of around us.

   And know that this is a war. Itís been going on since way before you were born and likely wonít end in your lifetime. Humankind isnít sociologically ready for complete Liberty. It still scares them too much.

   If you want peace, work for Liberty. If you donít trust human nature to run countless corporations that only affect a few lives at a time how do you trust human nature to control every aspect of your life and Ďprotectí you from whatever theyíre saying at the time you should be afraid of?

   And if youíre not willing to do that, you deserve what they do to you. May they at least put some honey on their hand, or their ass, before they tell you to kiss it, because they will.   

This is also published in an edited form on The National Ledger website.

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