Amerikas top headlines in 20 years
Barry Bright
May 6, 2009

Will your kids and grandkids be able to handle their brave new world?

Last of personal automobiles hauled off to recycling center

Since we all live in a village, no one needs to travel anyway


Last of hold-out landowners voluntarily re-located to cities
Robotic farmers to finish 're-wilding' millions of acres


Newborn arrested for making pointy finger ‘gun’ sign at nurse
Neighborhood kids blamed for playing videogames too loud


Amerika’s largest mosque completed in Kansas City
Mass legal immigration planned from Arab countries


Congress introduces “Mexican model” plan for new government
Endemic corruption, laws everyone ignores, regulated bribing system for cops


Military leaders approve new pop guns and stun guns
Now no one has to die, no matter how badly they may want to


Mandatory birth control for European descendants
Mixed race couples and third world immigrants given fertility drugs


Internet shut down after years of abuse by radicals and extremists
All anyone ever did on there was complain anyway


Government funded television networks to feature happy time show
Adults only programming to feature what Dinky and Winky really do


Republicrats clone first jackass/elephant mix
Another weak attempt at ‘bi-partisanship’


Cats get the vote! Dogs insanely jealous
‘Surrogate’ voters to ‘imagine’ how their feline friends ‘feel’ about candidates


Demoncrat party runs actual jackass for world president
Rumors of youthful sex change operation unproven


God texts Satan: “Earth, you can have it!”
Great rejoicing among “Liberals,” just before “Liberal” season opens…

Sorry if I've copied some of these from anyone else. I read a lot. Go ahead, try to think of your own, if Amerika's direction isn't altered...

Some will question my slightly 'racial' headline above. If this makes them feel any better: If I could snap my fingers and trade every white "Liberal" in this country for anyone from anywhere who wanted to come here and live in relative peace and Liberty with their neighbors I would wear my fingers out snapping them. For the "Liberals"(commies/fascists/authoritarians) will never allow us such 'peace.'



It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


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