Over-educated educator wants your kids to be stupid victims
Barry Bright
Dec. 06, 2007

   Once more an over-educated educator is defining the best way to raise children, and how to protect them from the dangers of this world, by making sure all parents share in his stupidity.
   Check out your kids’ friends' homes before you send them over for playtime to make sure they don’t have any guns so your own undereducated junior idiot doesn’t pick up one and treat it like a toy because he’s never had the proper training or introduction to weapons says Gene McIntyre of Oregon.
   Here’s some news for you Gene, an un-accessible weapon is useless. While toddlers not yet old enough to understand the possible dangers of such tools as steak knives, rat poison, plastic bags, lighters, electrical outlets, and “Liberal” newspapers should be closely watched, it is stupid to not have a weapon available that can be made useful within the few seconds that a home invasion or personal attack can take.
   It is even more dangerous to allow one’s children to stay with simple minded adults who believe the police are there to protect them and who have never taken the time to purchase and learn to use a home or personal defense weapon, preferably a firearm, shotgun for home defense, handgun for out on the town, and of course a semi or fully automatic rifle or carbine for govt. tyrants.
   What happened in a mall Wednesday, probably a ‘gun free zone,’ is an excellent example of why we don’t want our kids hanging out with the simple minded who mindlessly go about in never land pretending they are safe everywhere and need not be ready to defend themselves regardless of what evil laws or rules would forbid them their natural born most basic right, that of self defense.
   All mass shooters have gotten over their fear of breaking minor laws or rules. Only an idiot would think a crazed killer or armed robber would see a ‘ban guns’ sign on a door, shrug their shoulders and drop their plans, or go to a place where guns are allowed to carry out their suicidal actions.
   And for once someone made an intelligent comment in one of these shooting spree stories:  

"We are still reeling," Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey said. "This was an ugly act of cowardice." 

   The shooter, whose friends said had been depressed for a long time, ended his final note by saying that now he would be famous. Famous? I don’t get the equation. Infamous maybe. Maybe if the mainstream news hucksters didn’t jump on these stories for their propaganda value so many disturbed mal-educated nutbars wouldn’t seek the attention they so desperately need through the barrel of a gun or TV camera.
   But the creatures who would disarm this society so it can’t fight back against their evil would have us believe our guns should be “…locked away and unloaded,” so they can next claim, “Since they are useless for self-defense you might as well turn them in,” are more cowardly than the mass shooters could ever be. They open themselves and all of us up to the role of victim, at the hands of lunatics, robbers, rapists, and most importantly tyrants.
   Not all of us are stupid enough to go along with this mindless garbage. Children have grown up with guns in their homes for generations in this country and that must continue. Only a tiny percentage of our 300 million population are involved in home shootings or suicides. In this country we’re not supposed to punish or disarm all for the actions of a few.
   We will take children to the range at an appropriate age and show them how to shoot, what to shoot, and what shooting something or someone can do. We will teach them that they may have to shoot a criminal someday and will probably have to eventually shoot the creatures who will never stop trying to disarm and thus enslave them as is happening in England and Australia.

has become a cesspool due to “Liberal” think and an un-assimilated immigrant population that has little respect for the English way of life or for civilized behavior. Don’t believe me, read their newspapers online. Or better yet go to my website and scroll down to ‘British Insanity.'
   All ‘gun control,’ including the mindset subtly portrayed by Gene McIntyre is about conditioning us to accept more ‘control’ until it becomes obvious to even the most stupid that it was about ‘control’ all along.
   There are those of us who won’t accept such ‘control’ and who will fight back, in any way available. Britain is already well past a state I would tolerate in my own commonwealth, with laws that punish people for defending themselves in their own homes. Many areas in the U.S. are already past that point.
   Maybe an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court ruling will go a long way toward reversing these years of tyranny so many Americans have had to endure, or maybe it will propel us irrevocably toward a situation where, as Jefferson said, "...the watering of the tree of Liberty by the blood of patriots and tyrants," will be our only recourse.

   The one thing McIntyre is right about is his use of the word ‘contempt.’ I do have contempt for creatures who ‘think’ like he does, if one can call it thinking.
   As  little as 40 years ago, less in some places, kids took their guns to school, for hunting on the way, or for the shooting team and the “Liberal,” i.e. American Communist Insurgency, infiltration of our educational system had not yet done as much damage as it has now. In these enlightened times guns are not ‘allowed’ in schools or in other places where sheeple congregate and the killers know this.
   In some places school children are trained in weapons use and issued rifles to carry to school. They must be oh so much more intelligent than the children of “Liberal” citiots who would automatically shoot each other if handed a firearm.
   We need to get the guns back in the schools and back in the hands of children and common sense back in their heads, all with the adult supervision they need so badly.
   And we need to get the “Liberals” out of the schools and out of our governments before it is too late to recognize them as the societal cancer that is killing us all.
   The definition of insanity: Repeating the same mindless garbage over and over and hoping the stupid believe it? No, that’s the definition of “Liberal” propaganda.

This is an extended version of an original post/comment in response to McIntyre's idiocy, posted on the mainstream rag's website and here.

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