The ultimate Realty TV
Barry Bright
Sept. 14, 2001

   The newswhores have been slobbering all over themselves this past week like a bunch of coonhounds at a biscuit bake. And as usual the American Communist Insurgency is making political hay out of the blood of others.
   At 9 am Tuesday morning I tuned into what turned out to be the ultimate reality TV. As the skyscraper burned and as the New York newswhores commentated millions watched while the second jet plowed into the second tower. Then a few minutes later we saw both crumble like so much dried out dough.
   I wish, truly wish, I could say that I was shocked, angered, saddened, something. No, I was entertained. Yes, I was smiling. How could I possibly do that? One has to ask a few basic questions:
   If those same “innocent victims” before they became victims had been told of the plight of millions of rural landowners in the face of the “re-wilding” of America would they have shed a tear?
   How many of them ever went out of their way to educate themselves about the American Communist Insurgency and act to slow or stop it?
   How many of them would have given me more than a New York minute of their time if I had stopped them on Wall Street and tried to explain how evil “gun control” is?
   How many of them voted for Hillary Klinton or Chuckie Schemer, sending two of America’s most despicable Marxist insurgents to the U.S. Senate?
   How many of them would have gone out of their way to defend a home-schooling parent, a tax protestor, a victim of the BATF Nazis, or the legacy of the murdered children of Mt. Carmel?
   On top of the above, as far as we know only one group of passengers out of four put up any resistance at all to a much smaller force that was armed only with knives or box cutters. Do I feel sorry for them? I cannot.
   I could go on. But this is just as pertinent: From the first hour that the Nazi Broadcasting Channel’s Tom Brokav came on the air he was chanting “War,” long before the politicians had a chance to start. Does anyone remember the newswhores’ involvement in the beginning of the Spanish American War?
   Brokav’s also made a few other telling comments this week. He early on referred to Tuesday’s events as the “First Wave.” Now how might Brokav have any clue that there is going to be a second wave? Excuse me if I’m allowing my paranoia to get away with me.
   Since I only get three channels on the weapon vision I’ve mostly stuck to NBC. That’s enough, more than I can stand. All week they’ve chanted the Marxist Mantra: “surrender more of your Liberty, so we can make you safer.” This couldn’t have been scripted any better if some would-be fiction writer newswhore dreamed it up for an X-Files episode.
   The most surreal and the most predictable part of all this is the flag-waving monster of knee-jerk blind patriotism that reared its head from the swamp of history’s war deluges. Millions of dead young boys and men grasped at its heels as it climbed up to an ash-covered pile of refuse and hung a flag and then whispered in a newshore’s ear to make sure he’d snap a shot of it so Brokav and the rest of the insurgents could faun over it and compare it to the Iwo Jima photo.
   “That we know so much about” Brokav said about the famous Kodak moment that has been immortalized in bronze and concrete.
   “No Brokav, you know nothing about it,” I thought, “as you were still pooping your pants while those boys were over there dying in that bloody sand.”
   That war too, unfortunately, was fought to make the world safe for international communism to continue its “struggle” against the feudalism of the past and the capitalism of the future. But those boys didn’t know that. Maybe a few of them figured it out after the fact, as I’ve heard an older friend quote some WWII vets he’s known: “We fought the wrong side.”
   Is mankind’s fate to be the eternal struggle to support the “lessor of two evils?”
   We’ve been told all week that now we have to come together because America’s been attacked. It’s all so sickening, on top of the nasty business of digging out corpses.
   No, we’re not going to “come together” my dear newswhores. I feel no kinship with you or any allegiance to your flag any longer. I certainly feel no sympathy for a city that represents the destruction of all that I hold dear.
   I’m not downplaying the “danger” that these “terrorists” really could present to us. The time may come when their poison is spread across America’s heartland, a place I still have some feeling for. If Uncle Sugar actually succeeds in protecting that from foreign violence he’ll be doing something right for a change.
   But as always our biggest enemies are not ensconced in some hole or bunker on the other side of the world. They were right here Tuesday morning, giving us the play-by-play.
   I don’t know what kind of war they’re planning to ship our young brainwashed, ignorant, flag waving young men off to. From hearing a few talk they seem as eager as any young generation ever is when their “leaders” point to the bad guys of the generation and yell “sic ‘em.”
   And unfortunately Brokav’s still not going to be over there dying in the sand.

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