The best weapons you can afford
Barry Bright
April 14, 2008

   Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Ė Patrick Henry, from his famous speech 
   For most people, yes, it is.  
   Someone sent me a copy of a column written to try to get the sheeple to prepare for another possible economic, societal, etc, etc., Ďcollapse.í Donít get me wrong, the likelihood of such is higher now than ever before, all the gold selling financial advice authors notwithstanding.  
   Generally Joe Americanís column has some good advice that should be followed no matter how good the times seem to be, and we still have lots of large SUVs, HDTVs and golf courses to our credit in this country. But be that as it may I still want to look at one issue that is a continuous burr under my saddle.
   First this quote from Joe Americanís column - "Buy the best weapons you can afford. The purchases will create a paper trail, but donít let that stop you. Any government coordinated gun control effort that causes you to voluntarily surrender(italicized in original) your guns means you really didnít need them anyway."
   Of all the decent advice in that column that one makes the least sense. Maybe itís just bad sentence structure. But letís look at that Ďvoluntaryí part a little more closely. When they tell you to turn in your weapons thatís when you need them the most. You had better kill the lowlifes who want you disarmed, because they know that after they render you defenseless, they will pay a very low price for whatever they decide to steal from you. Thatís what Ďgun controlí is about. They couldnít give less of a damn about our safety. They only want to make sure theyíll be safe from us.
   Several states have passed laws against the govt. confiscating guns in an emergency because of what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. If things get bad enough, or if the right lowlifes get control of the govt., whether national, state or local, those laws will be ignored. They will send prostituted goons around to all homes in their area to make everyone 'safe' by making sure they don't have any ol' evil guns to shoot anyone with.
   A few questions need to be asked of those who are still un-pacified enough to pay attention to reality. If the goons come to your house will you:
   1. Stupidly surrender your weapons to them and hope for the best.
   2. Attempt to kill them.
   3. Lie to the stupid cowardly bastards who should have killed the superior who gave them the orders and tell them everyone in the house is a pacifist "Liberal" idiot who'd rather die a horrible slow death than harm a hair on the head of any desperate thief, rapist, serial killer, etc. This means you'd better have a good shovel and a flower garden that needs fertilizing because the same evil garbage that wants you disarmed will tell you that you had no right to kill the lowlife who was raping your 14-year-old or stealing your food and send you to prison, or to what passes for prison, as they do now in England.
   4.Organize with the small minority of neighbors who understand what must be done and set up an ambush for the goons, kill them all, then proceed to hunt the garbage that gave them their orders.
   5. In a worst case scenario, no. 1 will have taken place and they will come around to your house to ask for 'volunteers.' These volunteers will really be taken down to the city dump to be done away with because local resources are unable to deal with, feed them, and all happy slaves must be fed. After they dig the nice ditch they are told to dig they will stand in wide-eyed amazement as the guards who brought them level their weapons in their direction, then they will piss their pants and die as the machine gun bolts slam home.
   Human nature and history tells that no. 5 is the most likely scenario. Maybe after it's done a few times a minority will catch on and begin to fight back. But without real resources or outside support any insurrection will have to be immediately successful or it will fail. That means when you go to kill them you don't play games, and you don't play by their rules.
   The short of the all this is this: the siege mentality is no-wheresville. It is death. It is slavery.
   Those who donít want to grovel as slaves need to come to grips with the fact that the evil garbage, the Clintons and Obamas, and yes the McCains, of the world, who want to see their neighbors, uh, serfs, disarmed, are on the same level as that rapist your 14-year-old could shoot and kill if she had the right training and upbringing from you.
   They deserve the same treatment.
   Some may say, ďOh I could never do that. I believe in treating my neighbors as Iíd like to be treated.Ē
   Well, if you have a conscience, and they donít, you would want someone to put you out of your misery if you became like they are, wouldnít you?
   And you had better understand, they donít share your belief system, no matter how flowery their speeches are, or how much Ďhopeí they promise you. They are power-mongering liars. And this is the world they want you to exist in. And donít miss the comments.
   When I was in England in 1988 I read a news article about a robbery. Some Brits were having a party which was crashed by some people they didnít know. The crashers proceeded to carry the hostís stereo out the door with not a hand being raised to stop them. This was before the stupid Brits turned their guns in to the govt. goons in 1997. The rot was already there.
   Examples of such stupidity and cowardice can be found throughout human history and society. The meek inherited the earth because they didnít take the chances the brave did. But they pay a high price by surrendering their Liberty, their dignity and their property. When you donít have the right to fight back, you only own what they allow you to own, until they decide you donít need it anymore.
   We have plenty of rot in this country. And too many have yet to recognize and treat it as the cancer it is.
   Iíve spent several hours doing something I hadnít done in years, watching a TV serial. Months ago I read about a show called ďJerichoĒ but hadnít taken the time to look it up. After someone told me about Joost, and then about CBS and other networks archiving their shows online nowadays, I decided to check it out. The first night I watched the first 5 episodes or so. Iím still hooked and ready to start on season 2.
   Some of the Jericho shows are obviously thrown together, and some of the stuff the characters do is immensely stupid and was obviously written or affected by Hollyweird types. But a lot of the show makes sense, and should make the viewer think, not least of all about why the powers who own the networks are putting such a scenario on the weaponvision?
    Not to divulge too much about the story line, but early on the only guy in town who owns a ham radio and very much spare ammo is portrayed as a mental case. But itís funny how the town's sheeple suddenly see a need for what heís been squirreling away. Later on the perpetrators of the Ďterroristí events are portrayed as probably being Ďdomestic terrorists,í and Ďmilitia types.í
   But donít let this bias stop you. There are more interesting, for a TV show, plot twists in store. Just try to get past all the soap opera written in for the soccer moms.
   But the show is putting forth one mentality I despise, the one already mentioned above, the siege mentality. Most of the sheeple will cower in their homes, skitter down to the govt. bread, water and rice lines when they need to, if there are any, and wait for the inevitable.
   The inevitable will probably be another dark age. It may be a shiny well fed dark age after a while, but it will be a dark age nonetheless, because it will be a society of sheep who stupidly take their beating until the police arrive, or until the police get tired.
   Thatís a little less than I care to afford.

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