While the storm blows over
Barry Bright - It’s not name calling if it’s the truth.
July 3, 2008 

   Sometimes it’s best to sit back and take a breather when a big storm blows over. So I’ve only attempted to read a few things about last weeks SCOTUS decision on our most basic right.
   Our biggest domestic ENEMIES are still plying their trade in propaganda with no let up in sight. They’ll still be lying and angling when Hell thaws out again.
   For our second biggest domestic ENEMIES it will be business as usual, for a while at least, until the issues discussed below are taken to heart by all who claim to value our most basic right and the Liberty of their progeny.
   Meanwhile others enjoy getting lost in the endless possible analysis of most court rulings, written by shysters and for shysters and the sheeple be damned. Well OK, we’ll cut them some slack for a few that seem to be getting a clue.
Meanwhile life goes on as usual in distant lands many think we could never emulate. May history either prove them right or cause them to suffer horribly in this world for their apathy.
   Reading many responses to the recent SCOTUS decision in Heller vs. D.C. has reminded us of the many times we’ve heard, read this phrase:
   "If 80 million gun owners…”
   Of that 80 million 79.5 million are cowardly prostituted idiots. But that’s a much rounded off optimistic estimate. The idiot count is probably much higher. The majority will hear this news on the radio or the weaponvision or see a headline and think, along with millions of the rest of the sheeple, “I have an individual right to own a gun.”
   Insofar as that goes this is a major propaganda victory. John McCommie and the National Rino Association understand this. The NRA was against the suit in the beginning and McCommie probably couldn’t care less except that he’s in the middle of a huge power grab and it might help him with his arrogant elitist efforts.
   Our domestic ENEMIES understand this is primarily a propaganda war, until the shooting starts, and even after. They know more of the brain dead sheeple they depend on to elect them and keep them in power behind the scenes now will think about something they’re not supposed to. This is usually bad for them, until they come up with their next angle.
   Our domestic ENEMIES understand that the laws and legalities mean little. What matters is who controls the force to enforce them. There are scores of so-far unenforceable, outdated and meaningless laws, regulations and ordinances on the books from the county courthouse to the IRS codebook. Only when the black boots hit the asphalt do they really mean anything.
   The black-robed shysters on the SCOTUS are just doing what shysters do, dancing around reality and ignoring truth and integrity in the name of maintaining their ‘Just-us’ system. They know they owe their allegiance to the system that provides them their paychecks and keeps their masters in power who in turn put them on the bench and keep anyone not ‘licensed’ to ‘practice’ law out of the courtrooms.
   Not until the ‘patriots’ among the masses develop the courage to organize and maintain and train to cut off the black boots at the ankles, before they hit the asphalt, will we have any kind of guarantee of Liberty in our future.
   Yes, this may drag on for years, and it looks for now as if we’re gaining ground, and all those truly responsible for the increase in our Liberty deserve our heartfelt thanks and much more. Many of them have made tremendous sacrifices for our cause, with little return.
   On occasion we see a response such as this: “I have to take care of my family,” when it is mentioned that we may soon have to do more than write letters, send emails and vote for candidates who don’t have a chance of winning on the national scene.
   Well it’s a good thing the minutemen didn’t think that way. They understood that the king was after their families and that he and the British parliament would control every aspect of their lives. So they took that rifle down from over the mantle or off their shoulder, kissed the wife and kids goodbye and trudged over the hill with no guarantee of what their future would be.  
   They would be ashamed of our hesitations and excuses. And we are all guilty of them. Our enemies do not hesitate. They know they can always find ignorant prostitutes to enforce their evil laws while they sit safely in their homes.  
   This will have to end. When they cross that final line their homes must become no safer than any front line for they will have turned our homes into the front line. When you say “Come and take them” do you also mean "Kill my family in the process"? You had better understand that is exactly what they mean.  
   We will live in slavery until we rid ourselves of this cowardice.


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