'Defiance' now or misery later
Barry Bright
Jan. 26, 2009

   Imagine a Hollyweird movie where a woman looks at a man and says “I want a gun too,” after asking why only the men have guns. We have one in ‘Defiance.’
   But we also have an early scene where former sheeple were caught unprepared and had to borrow an old revolver and 4 bullets so they could begin to do what had to be done, initiate a little Old Testament justice.
   Sort of like the story of the Warsaw Ghetto where too many didn’t fight back at all and the few who did waited until it was too late and found themselves scrounging for a way to kill those who had previously sought to disarm them.
   After tolerating and many claim fostering the growth of Nazism and Communism and Marxism, all forms of socialism, nowadays called “Liberal”ism and progressivism, for nearly a hundred years, European Jews paid a heavy price when they were caught between two warring branches of the same evil tree.
   ‘Defiance’ examines a small portion of those who paid that price and did what most did not, attempt to fight back, many years too late.
   The most interesting part of the flick was when the leader of the refugees allowed an ‘intellectual’ who didn’t know how to use a hammer to help administer the group. He told the newcomers they all had to surrender something for the survival of the ‘collective.’ Oh the irony.
   Most of the movie is conflict, between the brothers who decide to help the refugees and fight beside the Soviet partisans, between the locals and the oppressed Jews who were once neighbors, between the refugees themselves as they struggle over food and leadership, between these two evil systems that many in this country today cling to as if some new version of those can somehow save them, between faith and the loss of faith by those who survive and don’t, while not questioning the faith of the 6 million we’ve all heard were killed.
   For the benefit of the brain dead: hating someone for how they were born is the height of mindlessness. It’s tantamount to, well honestly I can’t think of anything as stupid, except for maybe modern "Liberal"ism as a whole. However hating some creature for what it chooses to force on others is very useful at times, if not Biblical.
   In that spirit we need to think about what this movie ignores without spoilers. That’s easy, because history can tell how it came out for those who want to research it before paying for the Hollyweird version.
   History can be a prickly thing, or just "Lies agreed upon," as some have claimed. According to a ‘Jew’ who researched the history of his people most Jews today are not really descended from the House of David, or any Hebrew tribe. They are part of a nation that converted to Judaism so they could remain ‘neutral’ and trade with competing powers.
   Of course writing such things makes one ‘anti-Semitic’ to those who would rather argue and lie than examine the world we live/exist in with the full light of day.  Whether the history of the Khazars is correct or not may be beside the point. Hating a people for their personal beliefs is as stupid as hating them for how they were born, until they start to push those beliefs on others at the point of what is usually a government gun. Therein lies the rub.
   Most Amerikan Jews today are secular Marxists. There are exceptions and some very honorable and brave ones at that. But most worship at the feet of one of the evil systems that held their ancestors at gunpoint in ‘Defiance.’
   The question is why? Why do they and millions of other ‘Amerikans’ wish to do to those who love Liberty what was done to their ancestors? Wait, we’re not being rounded up and sent to camps and forced to live in the woods nor yet ejected from our businesses and homes for defying the state, at least not in large numbers.
   No, but laws have been introduced in the evil controlled U.S. Congress which will lay the groundwork for people being left with nothing but an old revolver and 4 bullets which an ancestor squirreled away for a rainy day when Nazis are falling from the sky and running down the street.
   Some of us see this and will respond appropriately if these laws are passed and signed by our now elected dictator. Most who read this won’t have to be told “Don’t let yourself be found with only an old revolver and 4 bullets.”
   But how many can see the parallels between what is happening today and what happened then? We don’t have overt haters running the government, unless you’re against their ‘collectivism.’ We don’t have jackboots standing on the street corners or crowds rioting and attacking the businesses of selected ethnic groups.
   Instead we have newswhores, preachers, teachers, professors, politicians along with countless other NGO ‘experts,’ bureaucrats, ‘officials,’ and other assorted ne’er do wells working tirelessly to keep the sheeple pacified and stupid enough to believe “It can’t happen here.”
   A good portion of those who do know better think they’re gonna’ be able to go hide in the woods till all this blows over. Well maybe they will. But realize this isn’t 1942, the ‘collectivists’ have more than propeller driven airplanes and troop trucks and tanks.
   They will have many of the age old enemies of partisans and guerillas: collaborators willing to turn in a neighbor out of fear,  greed or plain ignorance.
   Take a ‘friend,’ loosely defined, to see this flick and ask them, “Why do those whose ancestors paid such a high price insist on making the same mistakes and laying the same groundwork that cost so many lives and so much freedom?”
   And as they watch what the partisans did to collaborators ask your ‘friends’ if they understand what will be forced on those of us who understand what is being done here by efforts to disarm the civilian population.
   Many are deceived, as they were then, by their religious leaders to pretend that they can enjoy the fruits of Liberty in this land without paying a price for that Liberty. Many are deceived into thinking they will be ‘saved’ and the waters will part for them when the time comes with no effort on their part. The characters in ‘Defiance’ learned better after paying a high price for their former apathy and cowardice, as will many here.
   Lovers of Liberty who allow themselves to be lulled into complacency because they’ve buried what will amount to an artifact or two may live to see the next generation pay the price for our cowardice with no understanding of what is happening to them.
   There will be no where to hide this time, much modern technology can penetrate the woods, swamps and clouds. Who wants to live like a stray dog when our enemies are shopping at the mall anyway?
   We must be ready to go into the lairs of those who write, sponsor, pass and enforce the evil laws that always prepare the way for such tyranny and do what the Bielski partisans were forced to do. But it needs to be done when our domestic enemies first deem to cross that un-crossable line. That is the only defiance they will ultimately understand.



It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


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